‘DOOL’ Episode 6/26/17: Tripp’s Revenge, Anjelica And Adrienne Clash, Theo’s Emotional Decision [Spoilers]

The DOOL episode for June 26, 2017, is filled with extreme emotion, as Tripp’s intense hatred toward Kayla pushes him forward in his plan to take down Kayla for the murder of his mother, Ava.

Since arriving in Salem, Tripp (Lucas Adams) has been looking for answers. At first, Tripp was told that his father, Steve, was the one who killed Ava, but he began to have doubts. To serve her own purposes, Jade (Gabrielle Haugh) lied and confirmed Tripp’s incorrect beliefs that Kayla was the one who killed his mother. Days fans know that Jade is fully aware Joey was the one who murdered Ava.

Tripp immediately began plotting to take revenge against Kayla, sharing his plans with Jade. In the DOOL episode for June 26, 2017, Tripp makes his first move. He appears at the hospital to speak with Kayla, who has just found out that she has lost another patient. Tripp eyes the patient’s charts.

Days viewers know that Tripp’s plan is to change patient charts to make Kayla look like the murderer he believes she is. It seems the first chart is now within grasp and his plan is underway. He grabs the patient chart, guesses the passcode on the first try, and ups the dosage of morphine 10 percent over the legal limit. According to the medical charts, Kayla Johnson has now made a fatal mistake.


Across town, Kayla overhears Jade speaking with Joey about the sex tape that she made of Theo and Claire earlier this month on Days of Our Lives. Immediately, Kayla begins lecturing Jade about her decisions, to which Jade throws Joey’s cold-blooded murder of Ava in Kayla’s face.

Kayla panics about Jade’s instability, worrying about whether Joey’s secret will be safe for much longer. Joey assures Kayla that Jade will keep his secret. He defends their friendship. Joey then turns back to Jade and sets her line of thinking straight. Joey tells Jade she needs help. In the DOOL episode on June 26, 2017, Jade goes to the Horton Center for advice. Eric and Jade have a short conversation about setting goals and self-love, which Nicole overhears.


Despite all that she has been through, Nicole (Arianne Zucker) refuses to forgive Eric for his sins. Days of Our Lives viewers watched with horror last year as a drunken Eric accidentally killed Nicole’s love Daniel (Shawn Christian). Nicole claims that Eric’s actions are unforgivable.

In a twist of karmic Days of Our Lives fate, the courts have scheduled Nicole to complete her community service at the Horton Center where she will be reporting to Eric. For the DOOL episode on June 26, 2017, Nicole begins her community service at the Horton Center. Nicole is out of sorts when she arrives, due to having just lost custody of Holly on Friday’s episode of Days.


After all these years on DOOL, Anjelica Deveraux (played by Morgan Fairchild) is back in Salem. As Jennifer and Adrienne talk about the Spectator, Anjelica appears. Anjelica Deveraux has a vendetta against Adrienne, believing that Adrienne stole Justin away from her years ago on Days.

Anjelica and Adrienne (Judi Evans) are now reunited, however, the reunion is not a pleasant one. It doesn’t take long before an argument ensues. Adrienne rebuttals Anjelica’s snide remarks, claiming that her “pathetic need for revenge after all these years” is ridiculous. Jennifer chimes in with the quote “forgiveness is the virtue of the brave.” It isn’t long before the argument between the women becomes physical.


On the other side of Salem, Theo has plenty to think about. Friday’s episode of DOOL left off with Claire giving Theo the love letter Ciara wrote before she left town. Contemplating everything, Theo makes a big decision regarding his relationship with Claire.

On June 26, 2017, Theo admitted to his father, Abe, “I’m starting to feel like I don’t even know her. How can I love someone I don’t even know?”

As a result, Theo goes to the hospital to visit Claire at work. He calls his relationship with Claire “not a good match” and officially breaks it off.

The following paragraphs contain Days of Our Lives spoilers for the week of June 26, 2017. If you don’t wish to read about content that has not yet aired on DOOL, please do not continue to read.

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Days of Our Lives spoilers from SheKnows Soaps state that later this week, the cast from DOOL will gather at the Martin house to celebrate the Greek island rescue. While at the party, Deimos slips the new drug Halo 2.0 into the attendees’ drinks. The effects of the drug will hit everyone hard. Exiting the party, Gabi will trip over a dead body. Days spoilers tease that the dead body is Deimos, however, how he dies is still unknown.

Days spoilers also state that it isn’t long before a kiss is shared between Lani and Eli, as well as Nicole and Eric. DOOL spoilers suggest that Tripp will begin to feel guilty about his decision to ruin Kayla’s career, but it may be too late to take back what he has already set in motion.

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