Javi Marroquin Still Wearing The Watch Kailyn Lowry Gave Him: Are They Getting Back Together?

Kailyn Lowry is preparing to give birth in the next few weeks, but could she be moving toward getting back together with ex-husband Javi Marroquin?

When the reality star split with Javi Marroquin, it was, no doubt, incredibly messy. Thing got even worse when Kail announced she was pregnant with her third child, as some think she may have been cheating on Javi Marroquin while he was deployed.

Although Javi Marroquin has said he wants nothing to do with Kail’s new baby, according to the Hollywood Life, he has been incredibly supportive of her during her pregnancy and been an exemplary dad, which makes her regret leaving him. The father of Kail’s son, Lincoln, 3, has also been incredibly involved in the life of Kail’s other son, Isaac, 7, who she shares with Jo Rivera from a previous relationship.

Although Hollywood Life reports her heart “softening” toward Javi Marroquin, it may actually be mutual.

Recently, Javi posted a photo of himself on Instagram, sticking it to the haters who are happy to see him fail and are quiet about the accomplishments he does follow through with.

But it wasn’t just fans who commented on the photo; Kail even put in her two cents, letting fans know that she gave Javi Marroquin the watch he was wearing in the photo.


While some fans remarked that her response was a little bit rude, Javi Marroquin told her that the watch reminded him of the good times the pair shared together, which is why he still wears it.

Fans and followers of Javi Marroquin responded that his statement to Kail gave them goosebumps and that they had been such an adorable couple on Teen Mom 2. Clearly, Javi still has some fond feelings for Kail or he wouldn’t be still sporting the watch his ex gave him.

It appears Kail’s baby daddy Chris Lopez has totally abandoned his child and is not interested in helping Kail raise him or her at all, which leaves her free to date Javi Marroquin again if the pair were interested in reconciling. But if they did so, he would have to take an interest in her third child, which he may not be willing to do.


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