Melania Planning Poland, Germany G20 Trip: Searches For Melania’s Age, Dress, Ring, And Pregnant Buzz Continue

Expect a whole new slew of photos of First Lady Melania Trump to hit the Interwebs before long, as well as a whole new slew of interesting search terms being coupled with Melania’s name and reported by Google, as usual. As reported by ABC News, Melania is preparing for her second foreign trip with President Donald Trump. Mrs. Trump and President Trump will travel together to Poland and Germany after the Fourth of July holiday. As such, viewers will no doubt once again pour over the photos and videos of Mr. and Mrs. Trump with a fine-tooth comb to interpret certain actions and looks and turn to Google in the wake of such observances to learn more about what they mean.

According to Google Trends, in the past hour, the search term “Melania Trump age” has swelled 60 percent. In the past four hours, search terms like “Melania Trump dress” and “How old is Melania Trump” have also filled the search engine. That’s because Melania and President Trump attended the wedding of Secretary of the Treasury Steven Mnuchin to Louise Linton on June 24, and folks can’t get enough of the J. Mendel pink chiffon gown that Melania wore to the wedding.

They also can’t get enough of Melania’s age, with Melania being 47 years old — or “young,” according to the people typing “Melania Trump young” into Google in record numbers. Having been born on April 26, 1970, Melania is young, apparently, especially in comparison to President Trump’s 71 years of age at this writing.


Folks are also typing “Melania Trump matrimonio,” which means marriage, into Google. The search engine tracks terms from all over the world being asked of Google, from Melania’s pink dress, to Melania’s wedding ring, as well as Melania’s own wedding dress. Folks are asking Google if “Melania hates Trump,” and even digging for information about Melania’s alleged “amante,” which means lover, as translated from Spanish.

For the record, the White House has denied divorce paper claims brought up by a former White House staffer but has not yet responded to allegations about Melania brought up by novelist Monica Byrne.


However, the ever-present questions on whether or not Melania is “schwanger,” meaning pregnant in German, are still breakout terms, joining new terms about Melania’s makeover that some women are begging their plastic surgeons to give them. Variations of people asking if Melania is pregnant now are flowing into Google as “enceinte,” which means pregnant in French, continue.


[Featured Image by Ron Sachs/Getty Images]