‘Pretty Little Liars’ Spoilers: Series Finale To Reveal Identity Of A.D. & Ali’s Baby Daddy

The Pretty Little Liars series finale airs on Tuesday night, and while fans aren’t looking forward to the end of the series, they are excited to get some answers to their biggest questions. The show’s executive producer, Marlene King, says viewers will get the answers they’ve been looking for in the special 2-hour finale.

According to TVLine, Marlene King is opening up about what fans can expect to see in the Pretty Little Liars series finale. King says that the penultimate episode brought a lot of “closure” for the girls as they finally won the game and seemingly sent A.D. out of town. However, the finale plays out like a movie that has a “different” and “special” feel to it as A.D. identity is finally revealed.

King promises that Pretty Little Liars viewers will not only find out who A.D. is, but it will also be revealed who fathered Emily’s child, which Alison is carrying. The executive producer claims that both reveals will be “rewarding and satisfying,” as well as “surprising,” adding that the majority of unanswered questions will be resolved in the final episode.

In addition to the big reveals, Pretty Little Liars fans will also get to see all of the girls’ parents again. Alison, Aria, Emily, Spencer, and Hanna have had rocky relationship with their parents at times, but Marlene King says she’s always had a “soft spot” for the parents on the show, which will be featured in the finale. However, there will be one character that won’t be seen in the final episode. The character of Alison and Spencer’s brother, Jason won’t be featured as the show was unable to get the actor for the finale.


What the fans will see in the Pretty Little Liars finale is a lot of steamy scenes. Marlene King says that she filmed a lot of romantic scenes for the last episode and that the couples were wonderful for her while directing the sometimes awkward exchanges.


What are your thoughts about the Pretty Little Liars series finale? Who do you think will be revealed as A.D. and the father of Emily and Alison’s baby?

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