‘The Bachelorette’ 2017: Fans Want Lee To Be Eliminated During 2-On-1 Date

The Bachelorette 2017 is heating up as the show’s first two-on-one date will bring a ton of drama to Monday night’s all-new episode. Previews for the episode reveal that the show’s villain, Lee, and Kenny will be the two men chosen to accompany Rachel Lindsay on the date, and one of them will be going home afterward.

According to Gold Derby, Bachelorette fans have spoken, and after a recent poll asked which of Rachel’s suitors should be eliminated, the majority revealed that they wanted Lee to be kicked off the reality TV series.

Lee has revealed that he loves to get under people’s skin, and he has been doing just that since he arrived at the Bachelorette mansion. Many of the men have had a problem with Lee, but it is Kenny who has called him out the most. The two have gotten into a couple of arguments, which Rachel Lindsay has heard about, and this week they’ll go at it again until at least one of them is eliminated by Rachel herself.

Meanwhile, after Lee started appearing on The Bachelorette, fans found some alarming social media posts that many have deemed racist and sexist. HuffPost reveals that Lee, 30, has tweeted things such as the NAACP is a racist organization and that there is no such thing as a pretty feminist. The reality star also called Hillary Clinton the millennial’s version of O.J. and revealed that people should never trust a female liberal. He also dissed the display of rainbow flags and “gay community talk.”


The discovery of the social media posts have made fans of The Bachelorette like Lee even less, and it raises the question about why ABC would cast him to date the show’s first black lead, who seemingly prides herself on being a strong, independent woman. Was the network hoping that Lee would stir up trouble and ratings for the show, or was this a huge oversight on their part?


What are your thoughts on Bachelorette fans turning against Lee? Do you think Rachel Lindsay will eliminate him during Monday’s night’s two-on-one date with Kenny?

[Featured Image by Craig Sjodin/ABC]