Jennifer Lopez Sizzling Abs Photo Reflects Sweat, Not Photoshop, Claims Fitness Guru Tracy Anderson

Jennifer Lopez is sizzling at 47, and the World Of Dance superstar has delighted her fans in recent months by posting photos of her stunning body on Instagram. Recently, however, a particularly impressive photo of JLo’s abs caused some of Lopez’s followers to respond with accusations of Photoshop, as the Inquisitr reported.

It didn’t take Jennifer long to spot the claims of Photoshop and respond.

“…not photoshop. #lordblessthehaters”

Although Jennifer herself clapped back at the haters who thought that her toned tummy exposed in the sexy sweatshirt was the result of computer software magic, now her fitness trainer Tracy Anderson is stepping up to join Lopez in attacking the trolls, reported the Los Angeles Times.

Anderson has worked with Jennifer for years. The fitness guru claimed that there’s no Photoshop involved in Lopez’s sleek physique. Instead, that whittled waistline and toned tummy are the result of Jennifer’s dedication to staying in shape, according to Tracy, who emphasized that the singer/actress doesn’t have a sense of entitlement.

“She gives so much and she’s not one of these performers who think they’re just entitled to a good body and is jumping for all kinds of quick fixes,” praised Anderson.

“Not only do [Jennifer Lopez’s] abs look every bit as good as in that picture, they look even better in person.”

Tracy wasn’t alone in defending Lopez against those who claimed the singer/actress had used Photoshop for her tummy snap.

“U beautiful @jlo. they wish they look like you,” wrote one defender.

“I seriously don’t see photoshop,” posted another fan.

And some urged JLo to just ignore the claims of Photoshop.

“Honey u shouldn’t even take the time to answer…. U should no better that they’re always some rat that they wish they look like u at ur age,” gushed one fan.

“47 it won’t matter even 50 and u still be the biggest and hottest HOT LATIN QUEEN DIVA MAMA.”

Joining those on Team JLo, Tracy also revealed that she makes sure that one of her trainers is with Jennifer to help her keep that famous body in perfect shape. Although the fitness guru has commitments to other clients and her flagship studio in Midtown Manhattan, which she opened earlier this year, Anderson watches out for Lopez.

Jennifer Lopez claps back at those who think she used Photoshop to tone her abs photo.

Whether Jennifer is filming in Los Angeles or on stage in Las Vegas, just a comment about wanting to sculpt a certain part of her body gets a prompt response from Anderson and her exercise team.

“She’s always working out and taking care of her body, but if she feels like she needs a little more resistance on her bum or something like that, then she’ll say it and she’ll get it,” revealed Tracy. “She’s very aware of finding her own formula and what works for her along the way.”

And for those who still think that Jennifer somehow faked her Instagram photos that reveal her body, Anderson also noted that Lopez doesn’t deceive her fans or herself. The fitness guru emphasized that the singer/actress doesn’t rely on fad diets or so-called miracle makeup.

“[Jennifer is] not out thinking beauty creams or fad diets are going to do it.”

The bottom line on keeping Lopez’s bottom line in perfect shape? Lots of sweat.

“The real lesson and truth here is she isn’t getting those abs in two moves or with a smoothie,” added Tracy. “She works out anywhere from 3 to 5 days a week with us, depending on her schedule. She doesn’t do anything half-a*sed.”

Celebrity fitness guru Tracy Anderson defends Jennifer Lopez.

Anderson has a long history of working out with celebrities, including Gwyneth Paltrow and Victoria Beckham. But when it comes to staying positive, she said that Jennifer takes the prize.

“In all of the years I’ve worked with any celebrity, she complains the absolute least,” added Tracy.

As for the diet aspect of Anderson’s advice on how to get a body like Jennifer, Eat This, Not That reports that the fitness expert recommends keeping it simple and focusing on wholesome foods.

“I don’t like processed foods. I eat lean proteins…as well as quinoa and brown rice.”

When it comes to the poultry and meat category, Tracy eats only organic chicken. She also eats eggs, giant salads, and snacks such as “Eden tamari almonds or an Alter Eco dark chocolate bar.” Fish and more vegetables constitute a typical dinner.

And for those who think that life means an occasional indulgence, Anderson agrees. She’s candid about her sweet tooth, including ice cream. And the fitness guru also has a passion for French fries. Tracy urges against overly restrictive diets.

“I like for people to be not in their heads about eating. Food restriction can become a real mental game and I’m not a fan.”

In addition to avoiding processed foods, gluten, and farmed salmon to get a body like Lopez, Anderson recommends exercising starting slowly. After working out two days a week, she suggests gradually working up to more days per week.

“After you’ve been [working out] three to four days a week for a month or so, you’ll be able to add a fifth day—and it’s not going to be hell!” she promised.

For those willing to sweat like Lopez to get those impressive results, Anderson has been spreading her fitness gospel through seven studios, exercise DVDs, and live-streaming workout classes, noted the Daily Beast.

The “Tracy Anderson Method” initially was viewed as somewhat of a celebrity cult, with a star client list including Lopez, Stella McCartney, Donna Karan, Christy Turlington, Courteney Cox, Naomi Campbell, and Lena Dunham. But now Tracy is expanding into health and wellness for everyone.

The fitness guru’s new SiriusXM radio show launched June 19 and will consist of a weekly show that spreads the word about her passion for healthy lifestyles. The show will offer interviews with “influencers,” giving those listening the opportunity to call and get answers to their questions.

[Featured Image by Ethan Miller/Getty Images for iHeartMedia]