Hall Of Famer Rumored To Appear On 'Monday Night Raw' Tonight As 'Los Angeles 3:16' Shirts Are Being Printed

Tonight's episode of Monday Night Raw is already going to be huge with Brock Lesnar and Samoa Joe under the same roof, but will there also be a rattlesnake? Los Angeles is prepared to see the WWE superstars of Team Red clash, but there are some interesting rumors starting to make the rounds, and they all stem from some T-shirts being printed. If all goes according to speculation, it seems as if Stone Cold Steve Austin may give the fans a thrill this evening.

Los Angeles 3:16

Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer Radio reported that some very interesting T-shirt designs are being printed to sell at tonight's Raw. By way of Wrestling Inc., those shirts have a unique slogan on them that wrestling fans know can only mean one thing and that is Stone Cold Steve Austin.

The shirts being printed simply state "Los Angeles 3:16" and there would really be no reason to have those being sold if Austin wasn't going to be there. Of course, WWE could just be looking to make a little extra cash off of the "Stone Cold" brand, and one can't really blame them as his merchandise has always been a big seller.

wwe rumors monday night raw los angeles 3:16 stone cold steve austin
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This will end up being a very smart business move on WWE's part whether Austin make an appearance or not. With word getting out about the "Los Angeles 3:16" shirts, it builds speculation that he will be on Raw and more will tune in. If he doesn't end up being there, fans will still buy the shirts in a hurry and bring in more merchandising revenue.

Austin does live in the Los Angeles area which means it wouldn't really be going out of his way to show up.

"Suplex City" by location

While fans are already hoping that Steve Austin appears on Raw tonight, the T-shirts for "Los Angeles 3:16" could just be a good merchandising move.

wwe rumors monday night raw los angeles 3:16 stone cold steve austin
[Image by WWE]

Brock Lesnar's T-shirt line is just one example of location merchandising done by WWE. There are countless versions of the "Suplex City" shirts, and each of them has a different city listed underneath the main roadway sign.

UPDATE at 6:15 p.m. Eastern

Stone Cold Steve Austin has now been spotted at the Staples Center which is the location of tonight's Raw.


Right now, the appearance of Stone Cold Steve Austin on tonight's episode of Monday Night Raw nothing but a rumor, but it would also make sense. With ratings plummeting weekly, WWE needs a huge jolt for both Team Red and SmackDown Live which is also the reason that John Cena will be a brand-jumping free agent. As WWE prints out "Los Angeles 3:16" T-shirts, the hope is building that the Hall of Famer's glass will break to a huge pop from the crowd.

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