Woman Tries To Open Plane Door Mid-Flight Scaring Southwest Passengers [Video]

It wasn’t the smoothest ride for the passengers on board a Southwest Airlines flight that departed from Los Angeles and headed for Houston over the weekend. Thanks to an off-duty rookie cop, the flight went from having a feeling of danger in the air to one of safety.

The ordeal started on Flight 4519 when an unruly passenger, who had been pacing in the aisle of the plane, decided to try and open an emergency door while 20,000 feet in the air. According to passenger Henrietta Mokwuah, the woman actually managed to tear off a piece of the door before she was taken down, reports ABC 13 News.

An off-duty rookie officer happened to be a passenger on the flight, and she and another passenger went into action to stop the woman before causing any harm. Pamela Minchew, who has been on the Cleveland ISD Police Department for only two weeks, was considered a hero by the other passengers on the flight.

Minchew had been in California on vacation and was headed home when this incident erupted mid-flight. The unruly woman was seen in the LAX terminal before the flight, and it is reported she had a few outbursts even before boarding the plane.

According to Terrance Franklin, who witnessed the outbursts, the woman said she wasn’t being treated right, and she was spewing off something about the government and politics. The pilot of Flight 4519 decided to make an emergency landing after the woman was subdued by Minchew and another passenger.

The flight was diverted to Corpus Christi International Airport where the woman was removed from the flight and questioned. This caused a five-hour delay for the other passengers on the flight headed for Houston.

While this experience was scary for the other passengers, the danger was over as soon as the woman was subdued by the off-duty officer and another passenger. On the other side of the world, passengers on board an Air Asia flight were told by their pilot to pray as the plane started shaking uncontrollably.

As reported by CNN News, this Air Asia flight departed Australia and was headed for Malaysia when something went wrong. The plane was over the Indian Ocean when the violent shaking of the plane started after a loud bang was heard. The plane turned around and headed back to their departure location, but they were a few hours away from that emergency landing.


The shaking of the plane was like being inside a washing machine, which is how the flight was described by the passengers of Air Asia Flight D7237. The pilot came on the cabin intercom a few times, and he was scared. He asked for prayers twice within the two-hour journey to their emergency landing, reports Fox News on Monday morning live.

You can see that ordeal in the video below, which was posted to Instagram by one of the passengers on board the Air Asia plane. This group of passengers endured this frightening experience for two hours as they made their way back to Australia.

When they landed safe, the pilot shook hands with every passenger as they left the plane. The passengers broke out in applause for the pilot and praised his flying through this horrific experience. This flight was so bad that some of the passengers opted not to get on another flight upon landing.

[Featured Image by Tony Gutierrez/AP Images]