Donald Trump’s Tennis Photos Get 200K-Plus Views In Four Days: Old Pictures Of Him Playing Tennis Go Viral

Photos and videos of President Donald Trump are getting plenty of attention every single day. When President Trump appeared to drive on the green of his New Jersey golf course, that video went viral, as reported by the Inquisitr. When Mr. Trump crashed a wedding at the same golf club, those photos drew interest and went viral as well. And it’s not just modern-day photos of President Trump that are going viral, but folks are digging into the archives to turn up old photos of President Trump doing things well before he was president that have somehow grasped the interest of others. Twitter’s search engine reveals that “Trump tennis” and “Trump playing tennis” has been a popular search term as of late. The accompanying photos show Mr. Trump playing tennis in white see-through shorts that might be one of those photos that President Trump isn’t too proud of.

Mr. Trump has made it clear that there are some photos that he hates, such as a photo of President Trump chosen by CNN for a book cover image. Of course, it’s not just photos of Mr. Trump playing tennis that have gone viral, but photos of Trump throwing out the first pitch before a baseball game have gone viral as well. For some reason, however, the Internet is fascinated with the old photo of Mr. Trump playing tennis and has been sharing the photo of President Trump playing tennis hundreds, if not thousands, of times on social media.


Called funny and disturbing, the photo of Mr. Trump playing tennis has been accompanied by all sorts of commentary online. Some folks say the photo points to President Trump’s belief that exercising isn’t for him, nor for anyone else for that matter. Like the energy in a battery, exercise uses up a person’s energy — so goes the thought process of Mr. Trump — and when all the energy is used up, that person can die early.

Other photos of Mr. Trump over the years can be viewed on Deadspin, the publication that seemed to start the melee over President Trump playing tennis in the white shorts and white shirt and red hat back in the day. Within four days, the article has amassed more than 200,000 views.


[Featured Image by Gregory Bull/AP Images]