‘Bachelor In Paradise’ DeMario Jackson Extends An Olive Branch To Corinne Olympios, Wants To Talk

DeMario Jackson and Corinne Olympios have been in the spotlight a lot lately over the scandal that brought Bachelor In Paradise to a halt. In what first reported as an act of ‘misconduct’ quickly escalated as Corinne Olympios hired an attorney and announced that she was sure she had been violated while unable to give consent.

DeMario Jackson already had a shaky reputation with Bachelor In Paradise fans. Having a woman show up on The Bachelorette and claim she was his girlfriend had been enough to make people skeptical of him. Good news for DeMario came when Warner Brothers completed their investigation into the situation with Corinne and said there was no wrongdoing on his part.

TMZ is reporting that DeMario Jackson is interested in having the opportunity to discuss things one-on-one with Corinne. According to him, when they met, they shared a connection. They had spent some time talking and enjoying each other’s company before the infamous hook-up. From where he sits, there is confusion over why all of this happened in the first place. While he would appreciate some answers, he won’t be reaching out to Corinne. He feels that after she claimed to be a victim, it is up to her to contact him. DeMario did say that he would drop everything to meet with her if she did decide to call, however. As Bachelor Nation has learned, that is the kind of statement that will get Corinne Olympios’ attention. Time will tell if she decides to set up a meeting with him and the Inquisitr will let you know if and when it happens.


Bachelor In Paradise invited DeMario back to film Season 4, but he declined. Who can blame him for not wanting to return to Paradise when that is where all this trouble started for him. Corinne, on the other hand, is no longer welcome in the Bachelor franchise. They are taking the false statements she made very serious, as they should.


Are you surprised that DeMario Jackson is willing to give Corinne Olympios a chance to explain? Do you think she will reach out to him about what transpired while taping Bachelor In Paradise? Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

[Featured Image by ABC]