'Princesses Long Island' Star Ashlee White On Paul Heyman, Roman Reigns And Her WWE Fandom

Ashlee White first turned heads as one of the stars of the Bravo series, Princesses Long Island. On-screen, she was especially known for stating "If I can't wear stilettos, I can't go." But life off-screen has not been so cushy for White, who was diagnosed with lupus in 2012 and suffered three cryptogenic strokes.

Now volunteering with American Heart Association and the American Stroke Association, White's health is back on track. She credits her recovery to being a fan of the WWE. The Inquisitr had the pleasure of discussing this with Ms. White, who has identified herself as the Paul Heyman Girl.

Beyond her Instagram, Facebook and Twitter accounts -- under the handle @AshleeWhite23 -- Ashlee White can be followed online via www.ashleewhite.com. Furthermore, she is rumored to have a podcast in the works titled Running In Heels With Ashlee White launching any day.

How did you first get into wrestling? Did a friend or family member turn you onto it?

Ashlee White: My father was always a big WWF fan, so I would watch it sometimes with him. Honestly, I don't remember much, but I wish I had. What I do remember is laughing so hard at how the Bushwhackers would walk in during their entrance. I used to imitate it all the time.

I really became a fan when my nephew started watching WWE with my dad in 2013. I became hooked because it turned out to be an outlet for me while recuperating from a stroke. There was no sickness when I watched it because I was so entertained. It made me feel better at a time when all I wanted was to feel better.

Now you can understand why #WWE is a passion of mine! Grateful for @nypost @christineburroni article on how @wwe helped me heal after 3 strokes and for helping introduce MY NEW PODCAST.. Running in Heels with Ashlee White; Laughing Out Loud, Wrestling, Heels, Pizza, & Real Talk.????????????????????(Link in bio for article) @stephaniemcmahon @shanemcmahonwwe my dream is to one day do something with WWE!????????

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Was there a particular character or storyline that got you hooked after you first watched WWE?

Ashlee White: I was sold after watching Paul Heyman -- the advocate for Brock Lesnar -- and how he connects and commands the crowd. He has a gift of gab, and when he talks, you listen...Not because you are forced, but because you know he'll say something brilliant. No matter the outcome of Brock Lesnar's match, Mr. Heyman knows what to say and how to create another feud from that match. His promos are genius and can get the crowd excited about anything.

When was your first WWE live experience?

Ashlee White: Believe it or not, my first event was when WWE was WWF and in Boston, Massachusetts, 1989, when I was seven years old. The Ultimate Warrior (R.I.P.) defeated Andre The Giant. I wish I could go back in time and experience that match with everything I know and appreciate now.

Have you ever attended an independent wrestling show?

Ashlee White: I haven't but I'm always open to it.

You've declared yourself to be a "Paul Heyman Girl." What is he like when not on-camera?

Ashlee White: I'm not just a Paul Heyman Girl, I'm the Paul Heyman Girl. He's mostly the same in person, but better! As I said before, Mr. Heyman is genius on the mic, now imagine that in-person. Talking to him in-person is amplified. He's just as smart and witty as expected. He's also a very genuine person that appreciates his fans. The big difference between Mr. Heyman on-camera and off-camera is that he leaves his work behind. The conversation is never about anything work-related. He's a real person.

Any idea if any members of the WWE roster are fans of Princesses Long Island?

Ashlee White: YES! I have met a bunch of wrestlers that recognized me from the show saying they loved my family on it and/or their wives or daughters loved me. It's actually super-cool when that happens. One time while I was getting an autograph and picture from a wrestler, he asked to take a picture with me to send to his wife. That was awesome!

'Survivor' wasn't part of the path I thought I would be on, but I think I'm right where I'm supposed to be.. ❤️ One of the most important things about being a survivor is teaching others about love, courage, positivity, and to NEVER GIVE UP. I will never stop fighting for myself, other survivors, and in memory of our loved ones. ❤️ HEART & STROKE BALL 2017

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Have any of your fellow castmates on Princesses Long Island watched WWE before?

Ashlee White: I got into wrestling during my recovery, after the show aired, so we never discussed it.

When someone is taken aback about your WWE fandom, how do you usually respond? Do you have an easy way of explaining the WWE's appeal to them?

Ashlee White: It's my secret fun fact -- well, not so secret anymore -- but I love seeing people's reactions because it's something people don't expect. They are super-impressed because I'm not just a fan, I can talk the talk. I'm also honest with them and tell them it helped me heal while recovering from my stroke. I explain that it's not just about the actual wrestling, it's about the storylines, characters, and engaging with the wrestlers. Not to toot my own horn or anything, but I've turned some people into new fans, and some old fans get back into it -- TOOT TOOT!

Finally, when Roman Reigns appears on the screen, do you boo?

Ashlee White: Not at all, I love it. The only time I boo for Roman Reigns is if he's feuding with John Cena!


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