‘Parks And Recreation’ Reunion: Jim O’Heir Would Do ‘Whatever It Took’

It may only be two years since Parks and Recreation left our screens for good, however, many fans are already enthusiastically calling for a revival. Until now, the show’s cast and crew have remained largely silent when it comes to talk of a reunion, however, Jim O’Heir, who played Jerry Gergich in the acclaimed series, has revealed that he’d be onboard.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, O’Heir enthusiastically agreed that he’d be willing to participate in a Parks and Recreation revival. Despite it only being two years since the NBC comedy’s emotional finale, O’Heir joined the call of fans for the show to be revived, describing the show’s conclusion in 2015 as “heartbreaking.”

Whilst O’Heir agreed that it was wise for the series to end whilst it was still on top, he admitted that he’d do anything to reunite with his Parks and Recreation co-stars.

“Would I go back? Whatever it took. Whatever it took! Though, next time I would be the lead and Amy Poehler could do craft services. My character would at this point be called Marty — I don’t know why,” he said, referencing the various different names that the characters of Parks and Recreation gave to Jerry over the series’ seven-season run.

According to TV Guide, in the interview, O’Heir didn’t explore exactly how Parks and Recreation could be revived – especially considering during the show’s finale in 2015, glimpses of each characters’ futures were shown. If Parks and Recreation was revived, it would undeniably have to pick up in one of those future scenarios.

Possibly the one where Leslie (Poehler) is President of the United States?

O’Heir has certainly kept himself busy since Parks and Recreation came to an emotional conclusion. The actor is currently starring in the series Middle Man, in which he plays an unfunny aspiring comedian. In the interview, the actor, who has seen success off the back of his role in Parks and Recreation, spoke about how his early theater days in Chicago helped his career.

He recalls playing a janitor in the play Stumpy’s Gang, which went to L.A. and became something of a cult classic. From there, the comedian’s career was launched, as he recalls being approached by agents and managers. O’Heir eventually made a break into television and film, with his first credits dating back to 1996 before Parks and Recreation aired in 2009.

It may be too soon for NBC to revive Parks and Recreation, just two years following its conclusion. However, the possibility will always remain for the future.

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