‘TM2’ Star Adam Lind Accused Of Neglecting His Daughter During Visitation

Teen Mom 2 star Adam Lind is being accused of neglecting his daughter during his visitation time with her. The controversial MTV star is said to have left his young daughter unattended in his house while he slept.

According to Radar Online, Adam Lind’s ex-girlfriend Taylor Halbur is revealing that she believes the Teen Mom 2 dad neglected their daughter, Paislee, while she was in his care. Taylor reveals in court documents that she went to pick up Paislee from Adam’s home and could not get an answer while knocking on the doors.

Taylor claims that after no one answered the door at Adam’s house, she let herself in to find her 3-year-old daughter sitting on the couch all by herself. Halbur then reveals that Lind emerged from his bedroom a few moments later and told her that he had been taking a nap. Taylor says that Adam was sleeping in his room away from Paislee and that no other adults were present at the time.

In the court papers, Taylor Halbur states that Adam Lind is “unable to be a responsible adult” who puts his daughter’s needs before his own. Taylor also claims that her daughter’s behavior is different after spending the weekend with the Teen Mom 2 star. Taylor alleges that Paislee’s daycare provider sees a difference in her after she returns from a visit with Adam, saying that the 3-year-old is “mean” to other children and has even been violent at times.

Halbur also claims Paislee is “exhausted” after returning home from a weekend with Adam Lind and that it is common for her to sleep more after a trip to her father’s house. Taylor is asking for the court to grant her wish of supervised visitation when Paislee is in the care of Adam, which is what Lind’s other baby mama, Chelsea Houska, currently has in place. Adam’s parents have their daughter Aubree for the weekend, and if Adam wants to see her, he must do so at their home and under their supervision.

Taylor’s motion for supervised visitation comes after Adam tested positive for drugs during a recent court-appointed drug test.

What are your thoughts on Taylor Halbur’s accusations against Teen Mom 2 star Adam Lind?

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