‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Michael And Nelle Heat Things Up-Is Their Romance Doomed Before It Starts?

Another General Hospital romance is on. Michael Corinthos and Nelle Hayes have been taking it slow, but they are ready to take their relationship to the next level. There are many viewers who are not fans of Team Melle and would rather watch paint dry. However, the heat is definitely rising for this couple, despite all of the objections that they are together.

Even though they have known each other for a while now, Michael and Nelle had their first official date on Friday’s episode of General Hospital. This relationship has had its share of ups and downs, but now it looks like they are ready to be a couple. According to spoilers by Soap Central, Nelle is expected to be over the moon with happiness. The previews for Monday reveal that there is a good reason for that. Nelle Hayes has finally won Michael’s heart.

The General Hospital previews reveal that Michael and Nelle will be growing much closer. However, something could always stop them before it gets any further. Maybe one of them will have a change of heart and will choose to take things a little slower. That could happen, but it is doubtful. There will be so much more drama if Michael decides to take the plunge.

It has been a long road for Michael and Nelle to get where they are right now, but it may be an even longer road for them once word gets around that they are officially a couple. Carly is a little preoccupied right now with Sonny in Puerto Rico, but when she gets back home and sees what has happened in her absence, she will flip her lid.

General Hospital new couple
What will Carly say? [Image by Kathy Hutchins/Shutterstock]

Carly has warned her son to stay away from Nelle after what she had done to her and their family. Michael believes that this girl has changed and is trying to get her life back on track. He has always believed in second chances and is willing to let Nelle have one with him. Carly is not the only one who has vehemently stated her case against this coupling. Sonny also has no desire to see his son make the mistake of getting together with the person who set up his marriage with Carly to fail.


Grandmother Bobbie has also tried to make her grandson see reason last week on General Hospital. She is not a Nelle fan at all and has been trying her best to get the girl out of town and away from her family. She even kicked Nelle out of Kelly’s last week when she tried to apply for a job. However, Michael stood up to Bobbie and told her that if he gets his heart broken, it is his mistake to make, not hers. She backed off, but seeing those two together will not make for a very happy family reunion at all.

Probably the only person in Port Charles who thinks Nelle should be with Michael is Nina Reeves. She has seen how much Michael is drawn to Nelle, so she has encouraged her new assistant to go for it, and Nelle has definitely done just that.

Are you Team Melle, or are you disgusted by this new pairing? Stay tuned to General Hospital to see how this relationship will affect the Corinthos family.

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