Sheriff David Clarke Attacked Black Lives Matter On The Orders Of Russia, Left-Wing Conspiracy Theory Claims

Sheriff David Clarke made quite a controversy when he attacked the Black Lives Matter movement last year, but a new left-wing conspiracy theory claims that the controversial lawman was actually working on the orders of Russia when he made the attack.

The Milwaukee County Sheriff has been no stranger to controversy during his tenure, but his most infamous remarks came last year in the wake of a shooting in Dallas that left police officers killed. After the attack, Clarke wrote an op-ed for Fox News that blamed the shooting on the Black Lives Matter Movement and claimed that the death of police officers was “mission accomplished” for the movement.

“The violence and hate-filled messages pouring out of Black Lives Matter seek exactly this kind of bloody resolution, or revolution, though they cannot admit it in polite society,” Clarke wrote. “Even as celebrities clamor over themselves to demonstrate their fealty to the hate group, they align themselves with one of the most destructive groups to the well-being and justice for black Americans that exist today.”

Clarke would even go so far as to compare the Black Lives Matter movement to the KKK. At the time, Clarke was one of the most prominent African-American supporters of Donald Trump, and a new conspiracy theory claims that the attack on Black Lives Matter and support for Trump may have had a seedy tie that traces back to Russia.

On her blog Patribotics, independent journalist Louise Mensch claimed that David Clarke had to withdraw from nomination to a Department of Homeland Security position because intelligence agencies knew of his alleged contact with Russia.

According to Mensch, Clarke was in communication with individuals linked to Vladimir Putin who ordered him to “go back to America and foment dissent and attacks on the peaceful ‘Black Lives Matter’ protest movement.” It was not clear what Clarke might have received in return.


While the report may be salacious, Mensch has taken plenty of criticism for other unconfirmed claims regarding the investigation of Russia’s involvement in the 2016 U.S. presidential election. She and a handful of others with ties to the U.S. intelligence and justice communities have on occasion broken some major stories before members of the mainstream media, but there are also many other reports that remain unconfirmed and some claims that were proven false.

So the conspiracy theory that Sheriff David Clarke was working with Russia to discredit Black Lives Matter and foment discord among the left can be taken with a grain of salt. And it could also be noted that Clarke has been critical of crime and violence within the black community long before the 2016 presidential campaign started, so his criticism of Black Lives Matter would not have been out of place.

[Featured Image by Scott Olson/Getty Images]