James Comey Bombshell Coming? Friend Of Former FBI Director Hints At Major Story About Relationship With Trump

A major bombshell about the relationship between James Comey and Donald Trump could be about to break, a close friend of Comey has hinted.

The back-and-forth between Trump and the FBI director he fired last month has now stretched weeks, with Trump appearing to admit this week that he did not have tapes of their interactions that he had hinted may exist. Some opponents of Donald Trump have claimed that his firing of James Comey amounts to obstruction of justice regarding the Russia investigation and that his Twitter threat about potential tapes could be an attempt to intimidate a witness in a case against him.

Comey threw more gasoline on the fire with his appearance before the Senate Intelligence Committee, during which he offered more details on what he saw as a direct order from Donald Trump to end the investigation into national security adviser Michael Flynn.

Just this weekend, Trump surrogate KellyAnne Conway said that Trump was leaving open the possibility that the conversations could have been taped, ABC News noted. Conway hinted that it could have been someone else other than Trump who taped the meeting, as other interactions had been recorded during Trump’s term in office.

With no clear resolution yet to the circumstances — and no clear indication if Donald Trump could face legal repercussions from Comey’s firing from independent counsel Robert Mueller — there is a new hint that some kind of bombshell is about to drop. Benjamin Wittes, a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution and confidant of James Comey, made an ominous tweet that more could be on the way.


As The Daily Caller reported, Wittes wrote “tick tick tick” after hinting that a major story was about to break, though he didn’t explain the exact nature of what revelation it might be.


To understand the significance of why such a seemingly innocuous tweet would be relevant, it’s helpful to look back at another prediction from Wittes. Back in mid-May, he made another similar countdown tweet with the “tick tick tick tick” that he used this week.

Just a few hours later, the New York Times published a report about James Comey’s memo of his interaction with Donald Trump in which the president told Comey he could hope he could “let this go,” regarding the investigation into national security adviser Michael Flynn.


Two days later, Wittes again tweeted his “tick tick tick” warning just before another story from the New York Times about Trump’s questions to Comey about whether he was investigating. As the Independent Journal Review pointed out, Wittes was actually quoted in that article saying, “He had to throw some brushback pitches to the administration.”

Wittes didn’t offer any more insight as to what the James Comey bombshell story could be, or whether it’s directly related to the investigation of Donald Trump.

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