Is Kate Middleton Pregnant Again? Magazine Cover Story Breathes New Life To Ancient, Untrue Rumors

Is Kate Middleton pregnant again? A magazine has breathed new life to the year-long rumors that the Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William are expecting a third baby.

The long-running rumors about the anticipated Royal baby no. 3 from Catherine and William have resurfaced yet again as Life & Style magazine rehashes their report from last year in a new cover story titled “The Official Announcement: Kate’s Pregnant!”

The story featured in the yet-to-be-released July 3, 2017 edition of the magazine claims that the Duchess herself was the one who made the announcement about her pregnancy, per an unnamed royal insider.

“Kate has told William that she’s pregnant with baby No. 3,” the story quotes the insider.

“Kate’s thrilled and William is dying to tell all of his friends and family.”

But is Kate Middleton pregnant? Not really, according to a fact-checking website.

Gossip Cop rated the report to be “100 percent fake news,” adding that no “official announcement” occurred.

Citing the claims of the tabloid, the fact-checking website went on to explain that the story was merely speculative when talking about Kate’s “fuller belly” and “rounder midsection,” and denied that the Duchess is prepping for the arrival of her supposed third child with Prince William.

Kate Middleton Pregnancy Rumors Emerged Again
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“Kate has started working on the nursery,” the tabloid’s so-called “royal insider,” who further revealed in the Kate Middleton pregnancy report that the Royal couple’s top choices for a baby name.

“They like the names Edward or James for a boy, and Isabella or Olivia for a girl.”

Going beyond reason, the article’s source went on to claim that the Duchess and Prince William are already thinking about having a fourth baby, a claim that the website deemed preposterous as there is no truth to Kate Middleton being pregnant with baby no. 3.

Kate Middleton Pregnant With 3rd Child Rumors Are Untrue
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Interestingly, Life & Style also reported the same thing almost one year ago.

According to the outlet’s July 13 report last year, Kate Middleton was pregnant for four months as of the writing of the article and is due to give birth Christmas of 2016. The report further claimed that even Queen Elizabeth was in on the news and dubbed it as “a fabulous present for her 90th birthday this year.”

Even before that, the Kate Middleton pregnancy rumor has already been circulating online and created an extensive ripple of speculations including people’s reactions on the issue, the baby’s gender, and possible names the Royal couple want for the non-existent baby.

However, fact-checkers deemed the rumor to be untrue even back then.

Even so, the speculation about the famed Royal couple expecting a third child continues to surface every once in a while, showing how the public badly wants another royal baby.

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