'Bachelorette Australia' Stars Georgia Love, Lee Elliott Celebrate Anniversary, What's The Latest With Them?

Georgia Love and Lee Elliott fell in love last year on Season 2 of The Bachelorette Australia and despite some rumors and worries a while back, they seem to still be going strong. Georgia and Lee just hit the first anniversary of the night they initially met and both of them took to Instagram to recognize the big day.

Last year on Bachelorette Australia, Georgia Love whittled her group of bachelors down to Lee Elliott and Matty J. Quite a few fans were surprised when she picked Lee over Matty, but Matty's fans will soon be able to watch him on television screens again as he looks for love as the Bachelor Australia star next season. Fans may have been uncertain about Georgia's pick of Lee over Matty, but the two are still very much an item.

Georgia and Lee are still together and they seem to be doing very well. They were not able to spend their first anniversary together, but they did both take a moment to celebrate the day with fans via Instagram. Love posted a video from her first night as the Bachelorette Australia star and she noted that it has been a year since Elliot first started making her laugh. She added that she started falling for him that first night, calling him her one and only.

Lee also posted on Instagram on the pair's anniversary. He posted a photo of him with Georgia during the filming of Bachelorette Australia and he said that she is both his best friend and the love of his life. Elliott added that he can't believe they have only been together for a year since he feels like he has known her his whole life.

Rumors had swirled briefly a few months ago that Georgia and Lee were having trouble in their relationship, but there was also speculation recently that she might be pregnant. In reality, it seems that neither of those is the case and that Love and Elliott are just continuing on happily in the relationship they began while on The Bachelorette Australia.

The two are not yet engaged or making wedding plans, but it does look like they may be headed that way. Do you think that Bachelorette Australia stars Georgia Love and Lee Elliott will end up getting married or will the relationship start to falter now that it's past the one-year mark?

[Featured Image by Ryan Pierse/Getty Images]