'One Piece' Chapter 870: Big Father Unravels, Who Can Save The Alliance From Big Mom's Wrath?

One Piece Chapter 870 is going to be one exciting installment with Big Mom already back to her normal self and out to get Luffy for destroying the picture and Bege for his treachery. Trapped deep within enemy territory, how will the Alliance survive their ordeal? While waiting for the next chapter to arrive, here are some of the exciting possibilities that could happen.

Bege's Big Father Falters

One of the most common One Piece Chapter 870 speculations is that Bege's giant castle-like form would not last for long with Big Mom pounding on it. In Chapter 869, which may be read in Manga Stream, Bege is already partially knocked out with a single punch by the Yonko on his Big Father's face. A second punch is all that it takes.

So what happens after Bege is rendered unconscious? Well, the castle-like Big Father will simply dissolve into thin air exposing everyone to Big Mom and her forces. When this happens, there are predictions that every Alliance member will get caught by all those sweet and sticky things that the Yonko's underlings never seem to run out of. That is, unless someone or some other group intervenes.

Jinbe & The Sun Pirates

Speaking of intervention, there are talks going around that Jinbe might have a plan of his own that could prove to be useful at this point. Another possibility is that Jinbe's group, the Sun Pirates, could make a daring and seemingly suicidal rescue attempt to save their comrade and his friends. Although they are not nearly as powerful as the fearsome Big Mom Pirates, a surprise attack may be enough diversion for the Alliance to make a successful escape.

Vinsmokes' High-Tech Weaponry & Germa 66 Clone Army

This is already a given. Since Sanji's family is already at war with Big Mom, there is no reason for them to hold back. Since the Alliance is also Big Mom's enemy, it makes perfect sense for them to team up with Luffy's team in the coming One Piece Chapter 870, either to fight the Yonko to the last man or simply help each other escape her territory alive.

Of course, a lot of fans are also worked up to see the Sanji's famed siblings and their clone army, the Germa 66, in action. At the back of everyone's mind is, how will Judge Vinsmoke's genetic manipulations and hi-tech gadgetry stack up against Big Mom's forces?


And lastly, there is always that possibility that the Tamatebako could still make a comeback. Yes, everyone saw how the box unexpectedly flew into the air just as it was about to be opened in the previous chapter.

While most fans have written it off as a possible means of escape, others are still hopeful that it could still make a comeback into the storyline. Since the Tamatebako and its contents were introduced a few years back, most fans have been secretly wishing for the day that they will witness the box exploding on Big Mom's face, even if only as a means of diversion for the Alliance to escape. And since nobody knew for sure where it landed, that possibility is still open in One Piece Chapter 87.

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