iPhone 8 Specs, Release Date: Updates You Need To Know

The iPhone 8 is easily one of the most anticipated smartphone of the year. Overshadowing its siblings, the 10th anniversary iPhone will be Apple's best device yet with a slew of new features never before seen on an iPhone. So, what do we currently know about it? Dive right in.

iPhone 8 To Debut New Features

As the iPhone 8 celebrates the iPhone's 10th anniversary, it is going to be packed with features never before seen in Apple's smartphones. The first is a Touch ID integrated into the display, hence eliminating the need for the home button. Fans are almost certain that this feature is coming despite some rumors saying that there will be a dedicated fingerprint scanner at the back, much like in the Samsung Galaxy S8.

Another new feature is wireless charging, but it is unknown for now whether it is supporting long-range charging or it will function like Samsung phones. Nonetheless, it is great to see this finally coming to iPhone 8 as Apple tries to advance to ditching wires altogether.

iPhone 8 Design

The iPhone 8's design makes sure to challenge the Galaxy S8, which has a beautiful bezel-less 3D display. Although the Apple smartphone is not going to adopt the 3D display, it is giving iPhones a whole new look. The bezels are even thinner than that of Samsung's flagship, only leaving room enough for the components at the front like the selfie camera and some sensors, 9to5 Mac reports.

At the back, there is a dual-camera set-up that is positioned vertically instead of horizontally like that in the iPhone 7 Plus. It is expected that there will be no fingerprint scanner here as opposed to a few rumors. Instead, the camera and the logo will be the lone components to provide a seamless look on the glass panel.

iPhone 8 Release Date Will Be Delayed

The iPhone 8 is definitely coming this year but maybe not on the expected date. It's going to be launched alongside the new generation iPhone 7S and 7S Plus, but it won't be available right after. The S versions are going on sale as soon as a week after the grand reveal, but the 10th anniversary iPhone might not be available for purchase up to two months after the event.

Per the Inquisitr, this is because of issues regarding the parts. Developing a display with an integrated Touch ID is touch, as we've seen on Samsung's decision to forego debuting the feature in this year's smartphones. Hence, we might have to wait a while before we can buy the iPhone 8 that functions as it should.

[Featured Image by Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno/Getty Images]