John McEnroe Blasts Andy Warhol, Calls Him 'Mediocre' And Claims Artist Ruined His Sex Life In New Memoir

Bad boy of tennis John McEnroe has no love for iconic artist Andy Warhol, at least according to his soon-to-be-released new Memoir, But Seriously. According to the tennis great, who has a reputation for causing trouble and getting caught up in drama, Andy Warhol was an ever-present annoyance, taking photos at "every party" John McEnroe attended during the Studio 54 era.

An era that, despite his fame, didn't really include McEnroe. In his memoir, he admits that he never got beyond the bouncer at the storied nightclub's velvet rope, even though he was "six in the world," a piece of trivia John McEnroe said he had no problem throwing around in many failed attempts to get into the legendary club.

In his memoir, which is slated for release on Tuesday, John McEnroe says that the doormen were always at the ready to tell him to "get the h**l out" of there, and in spite of his boasts, he doesn't believe that they even knew who he was at the time they were bouncing him, reports Page Six.

"'I'm six in the world!' But, [the doormen would be like, 'So? McEnroe, get the hell out of here!' In fact, I don't think they even knew my name — my memory has added that in the hope of making me feel better."
While McEnroe uses his memoir to lament his lack of Studio 54 access, the pouty tennis star, known for his tantrums, wrote that whatever party he did manage to get into would unfailingly also be playing host to Andy Warhol. And where Andy Warhol partied, Andy Warhol was snapping Polaroid photos of anything and everyone.
Even if they were, acccording to John McEnroe, "super f****d up." In his book, McEnroe refers to Warhol as a "weirdo with the fake hair." To be fair, to McEnroe's chagrin, Andy Warhol was a regular at Studio 54, something that could have contributed to the bad blood.
"He was always there at every party I was ever at, taking your picture late at night, even when you were super f - - ked up. . . I remember thinking, 'Who is this weirdo with the fake hair? Why is he waving his camera around when we're here at 3 in the morning? Isn't there a place that could be off-limits?"
McEnroe also blames Andy Warhol for putting a damper on his sex life, because he was everywhere all the time. Even when a young man may be trying to ""loosen [their] collar and try to find a good-looking model or whatever," the "pain in the a**" Warhol was there, snapping photos.

In addition to accusing Andy Warhol of blocking his attempts at a sex life, and mocking the artist's photographic efforts, McEnroe even goes so far as to call Warhol's work "mediocre."

Despite his criticism of the artist, John McEnroe would ultimately make a tidy profit off of Warhol's work. In 1986, the year before Andy passed away, McEnroe paid $30,000 for a pair of custom portraits to be painted by Warhol. The subjects of were himself and his wife at the time, Tatum O'Neal.

In 2008, John McEnroe went on to sell those Warhol paintings for over $400,000 at auction.

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