Jason Segel ‘Unlikely’ To Return For Season 9 Of How I Met Your Mother

It seems since the wrapping of season seven every few months the fate of How I Met Your Mother is discussed. Shortly before the cast started production of season eight it was believed that the cast would need some compensation to renew for an additional season in 2013. The news was ultimately denied by Alyson Hannigan via Twitter. However, whether or not the show will go forward after this season hasn’t been confirmed yet by show runners Carter Bays and Craig Thomas.

Couple that with the creators planning to have Ted definitely meet the mother this year, regardless if it’s the last season or not, and you have a series that seems to be pretty much up in the air. However, Deadline Hollywood is hinting that a season nine may be possible, with CBS currently in talks for a renewal. Another key question is if all of the cast will be returning, as the creators have gone on to say that they won’t continue without the fab five.

If there’s one cast member who’s future on the show is likely to be already set in stone, it seems to be Jason Segel. Over the years Segel has jump started his career by writing and starring in films over the series’ run. In addition, early in the year Segel began a whirlwind east coast romance with Michelle Williams, and since filming has commuted back and forth from the west coast to east coast.

According to sources it’s “unlikely” that Segel will continue with his contract past this season. However, the actor hasn’t publicly said no, so perhaps he’s waiting for a little pay day to help him decide. Either way, we should be hearing about whether or not a season nine is locked as the writers need time to either wrap up the series or create a cliffhanger.

Do you think How I Met Your Mother will return for season nine?