'Pretty Little Liars' Boss I. Marlene King Says A.D.'s Identity Has Already Been Revealed

Some fans might think I. Marlene King hasn't played fair with their Pretty Little Liars characters, especially when it comes to exposing the villains, but the series showrunner now reveals that all changed in Season 7. King says she wanted fans to have a good chance of guessing A.D.'s identity before the conclusion of the series, so she has been dropping clues throughout this season of Pretty Little Liars.

I. Marlene King Says A.D. Is No Longer Playing A Rigged Game

Just Jared Jr. reports that the Pretty Little Liars showrunner didn't begin thinking about A.D. until season 7 was in the planning stages, meaning there are no references, clues, or teases for the character in previous seasons. Yet, King says more recent episodes, particularly these last 10 installments of the show, are more revealing than fans may realize.

Ms. King says the Pretty Little Liars writing team has been dropping Easter eggs all through the season 7B episodes, because they wanted PLL fans to have a fair chance at guessing A.D.'s true identity. She also adds that A.D. is not connected to previous incarnations of A, as seen in the earlier seasons. This PLL villain is operating an independent and new game.

PLL fans watching the actresses' social media accounts in the hopes of discerning a clue to A.D.'s identity may be wasting their time, shares I. Marlene King. The Pretty Little Liars producer admits that she has kept the villain's identity a secret from the stars as well.

Pretty Little Liars, AD
Has A.D. already been revealed through interviews with 'Pretty Little Liars' cast members? One theory says yes! [Image by Freeform]

"Sometimes the viewers will know before the girls do," said Marlene.

Has A.D. Already Been Revealed On Pretty Little Liars?

Ms. King adds that the person playing A.D. was told and, once that person knew, it was up to her (or him) to let the rest of the cast know, according to Teen Vogue.

"The person who is A.D. asked me not to tell anyone because that person didn't want to affect certain scenes in certain ways," said the Pretty Little Liars showrunner.

Armed with this knowledge, PLL fans may have already uncovered A.D. in advance of the airing of the finale episode.

Possible spoiler alert!

Pretty Little Liars, Lucas Gottesman
'Pretty Little Liars actor Brendan Robinson may have revealed that Lucas Gottesman is the big villain. [Image by Freeform]

Previously, Brendan Robinson (Lucas Gottesman) revealed that he had learned of A.D.'s identity before he was even presented with the script. In talking about it, the Pretty Little Liars actor said he had difficulty believing who A.D. was, until he was able to put that information into context with the Season 7 plot.

Taking Ms. King's latest comments into account, it seems logical to presume Lucas is A.D.

On the other hand, the Pretty Little Liars boss also revealed that a twist will divide one of the romantic relationships in the series finale and that could mean A.D. is someone closer to home.

A.D. will be outed once and for all on the Pretty Little Liars series finale, which will air on Tuesday, June 27 on Freeform.

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