Two Men Arrested After Allegedly Stabbing 74-Year-Old Tech CEO To Death During Georgia Home Invasion

The Fayette County Sheriff's Office stated that the 74-year-old CEO of Computer Management Services, Inc., was stabbed to death during a home invasion at an upscale lakefront community in Georgia. According to AJC, officers were dispatched to the home of Albert DeMagnus, of Fayetteville, after receiving a call around 2:30 a.m. on Friday about a shooting.

When Fayette officers arrived at the scene, they discovered that it was not a shooting after finding DeMagnus with a stab wound. He was transported to Piedmont Fayette Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

According to DeMagnus' wife, she was awakened by a strange noise. When she searched the home, she found three men in her home hovering over her bleeding husband, asking for cash and jewelry. She added that one of the intruders was armed.

It was not immediately made clear whether the men were able to take any cash or jewelry, but the intruders allegedly stabbed DeMagnus before fleeing the scene. Two of the men fled in the CEO's Lexus, while the other drove away in the getaway car, police say.

Authorities say the intruders didn't get far in the Lexus as they crashed the vehicle near Jimmie Mayfield Boulevard and Bradley Drive. It was reported that as officers were en route to the crime scene, they passed a speeding car, which was later found to be DeMagnus' stolen Lexus.

When officers went after the Lexus, the driver supposedly sped up, reaching speeds as high as 130 mph before it crashed, according to police. Two men were seen jumping out of the vehicle and fleeing on foot.

After officers set up a perimeter, a Lyft driver traveling in a silver Chevrolet sedan drove by and told officers that he was picking up a customer nearby. Police became suspicious and opted to take their vehicle, which was the same make and model as the Lyft driver's vehicle, to the area where the driver was supposed to meet a customer.

When a man was about to enter the vehicle, officers with the Fayette County Sheriff's Office exited the car and identified themselves. The man began to run, but 100 yards later, he was captured and taken into custody.

Fayette County Police have not released details on how the second suspect was arrested in connection with the home invasion killing, but Jeffrey Lee Wallace, 22, of Atlanta, and Kavion Wyzeenski Tookes, 21, of Decatur, are being charged with murder. A third suspect has not been identified or arrested.

An investigation continues.

[Featured Image by Fayette County Sheriff's Office]