Free Agent John Cena Is Ready To Go To 'Monday Night Raw' And Prove That This Isn't Roman Reigns' Yard

John Cena's return to WWE is just a little over a week away, but it is coming with a twist as he will be a free agent who can move between Monday Night Raw and SmackDown Live. It isn't exactly known what he will be doing upon his return and who he will target or who will target him, but there are rumors starting to swirl. Now, he has let the world know that Roman Reigns if officially on notice and the 16-time world champion believes WWE is his yard.

Wrestling Inc. noticed that Cena decided to do a "Question and Answer" session on Twitter this afternoon before American Grit aired. It is a smart move since it brings forth a lot more press and advertisement for the show, but it also brings more attention to his return on SmackDown Live coming up on July 4.

There were some fun and generic questions about how much he can bench press and his favorite movie and other things like that. Every now and then, fans would throw out some other questions about wrestling such as his "favorite WWE moment" which Cena said was when Nikki Bella said "yes" to his proposal at WrestleMania 33.

Finally, he ended up with a question about Roman Reigns and his response was extremely interesting.

wwe news john cena roman reigns feud yard monday night raw
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A fan asked John Cena if he would have any desire to work with Roman Reigns anytime soon. Since Cena can hop between Raw and SmackDown, anything is possible, but does he want to get into that program?

Wrestling fans of the world know that Roman Reigns has claimed WWE as "my yard" ever since defeating The Undertaker at WrestleMania 33. It is believed that The Undertaker has now retired and that the final match of his legendary career was a loss to the former member of The Shield.

That has given Reigns even more bragging rights and the right to claim Raw and WWE as his yard, but is it? If John Cena has anything to say about it, he's going to head to Monday nights at some point and try to prove Reigns wrong.

wwe news john cena roman reigns feud yard monday night raw
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John Cena's free agent status is something that is a smart move on WWE's part as both Monday Night Raw and SmackDown Live can use help in the ratings. Everyone knows that Cena is an instant bump in the TV ratings and having him hop between brands will help the company as a whole. With American Grit finished taping and his return coming in less than two weeks, is a feud with Roman Reigns on the horizon?

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