News On Beyonce's Twins Seen In Cryptic Messages Posted By Her Mom?

Beyonce and Jay Z are private people, so it shouldn't surprise their fans that the official announcement of the arrival of their twins has yet to be passed along to the masses. On the other hand, Jay-Z and Beyonce shouldn't be surprised that the masses are chomping at the bit to find out all they can about the birth of their two infants.

It was back on June 16 when rumors started emerging conveying that the babies had arrived. It was also reported that Beyonce had the entire floor of a hospital cleared out for the privacy she wanted when giving birth. The truth today is no one knows for sure when Beyonce gave birth to her twins, and no one knows for sure if the babies are at home today with her, Jay Z, and Blue Ivy, or if they are indeed still in the hospital.

TMZ reported that the doctors were treating the twin babies for a "minor issue" and they weren't comfortable with releasing the babies home yet, according to the International Business Times.

That is all the details given around the issue of the babies and their prolonged hospital stay. Again, because it is TMZ reporting this, people trust in what they have to say, but nothing official is out there from Beyonce and Jay Z. A previous article from the Inquisitr gives the birthdate of the twins as June 12 and they cite that Hollywood Life reported that the twins did go home earlier this week. The Inquisitr article also reminds the readers that no official word regarding the babies has come from Beyonce and Jay Z.

Hollywood Life is reporting the twins went home with their famous parents. The site also reports that they talked to a doctor, who said that when it comes to having two babies instead of one, "it's not smooth sailing yet." Although the babies are healthy enough to go home, there are challenges with two newborns compared to having a single birth, claims a top OB/GYN, who spoke with Hollywood Life.

The "not smooth sailing" yet comment has to do with taking care of two newborns at the same time. Dr. Bruce Ettinger said there are challenges in taking care of two newborns, with the example given of the two infants crying at the same time during the night. It's double feedings, double diaper changes, and double everything when it comes to having twins, which is pretty much a given.

With so little news on the birth of the twins, Beyonce's fans started looking elsewhere for crumbs and tidbits about what is going on with the babies. They've stumbled upon Beyonce's mother's recent online posts that are being described as possibly "cryptic."

What Tina Knowles has been posting online are positive words, ones you might pass along to a friend or family member when they need some positive thoughts. One such post is a quote from Steven Pinker.

"We will never have a perfect world, but it's not romantic or naive to work towards a better one," Tina Knowles posted.

Tina writes that a good friend of hers sent this quote to her and that she "needed it today." Beyonce's mother followed this up with her own quote.

"It's true and important to not become pessimistic and give up the fight! We have to keep fighting to make the world a more just and fair place."

These posts started right after the rumors started that the babies were born.

International Business Times reports that the buzz about Tina's cryptic-like posts seem to indicate she is trying to stay positive for Beyonce and the babies. At the same time, she is trying to "express her worries for them through her posts." Again, until Beyonce and Jay Z posts pictures of their bundles of joy, give up their birthdate, and their names, speculation will run wild.

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