Donations Pour In To Repair Popular Penis-Shaped Rock Formation In Norway

In southern Norway, one of the area's most popular tourist attractions is none other than a penis-shaped rock known as the Trollpikken rock formation. The distinctive rock also attracts many local outdoor enthusiasts, many of which regularly stop to take photographs with or near the feature. On Saturday, however, visitors to the penis-shaped rock discovered something was terribly amiss.

As Yahoo News reports, joggers who came upon Trollpikken on their daily run found the rock formation to be badly damaged. What's worse, it appeared that the damage, which included holes that appeared to have been drilled into the penis-shaped formation, looked to be man-made and deliberately caused. The damage was so severe that the penis-shaped rock was completely separated from its rocky outcropping and the formation completely destroyed.

In the wake of the seemingly deliberate destruction of the popular penis-shaped rock, Norwegian activists launched a crowdfunding campaign to repair the damage to the popular site in southern Norway and to hopefully restore the rock formation near the southern coastal city of Stavanger to its former majestic glory.

At this time it is unclear how expensive such an ambitious undertaking might be, but the costs of reattaching the penis-shaped rock to its base are likely to be high.

Thankfully, many fans of the the Trollpikken rock formation have ponied up some serious cash to get the repairs underway. As RT News reports, as of Sunday, nearly 700 people had donated 115,000 Norwegian Krone (about $15,300), out of a goal of 200,000 Krone. Fortunately, whoever is behind the destruction of the penis-shaped rock formation managed to sever the rocky appendage with a fairly clean cut.
According to Pål Thjømøe, a geologist for UNESCO, the cleanness of the cut should ensure that professionals are able to effectively repair and restore the formation. The repair process is expected to take about 14 days after all of the necessary repair funds have been raised and dispersed.

According to jogger Bjarne Sigve Kverneland, who was one of the first to discover the destroyed rock formation, the deliberate desecration of a beloved natural wonder is an unacceptable crime.

"This is crime and totally unacceptable."
Activist Kjetil Bentsen, who launched the successful crowdfunding campaign that will (hopefully) result in the resurrection of Trollpikken rock formation, claims to be dumbfounded at what leads someone to perform an act of such senseless destruction.
"This is terribly sad and I am dumbfounded that anyone could do such a thing."
Police in Norway agree, and they are seeking the public's help in bringing the person or persons responsible for castrating the penis-shaped rock formation to justice. When investigators discover who is behind the crime, they could spend as much as a year in prison for committing the crime of serious environmental vandalism.

[Featured Image by Kjetil Bentsen/Instagram]