Jade Roper Reflects On Two Year Engagement Anniversary To Husband Tanner Tolbert

It’s been a little over two years since Jade Roper met now husband Tanner Tolbert on a beach in Mexico for Bachelor in Paradise. Roper and Tolbert hit it off instantly and Jade and Tanner are a perfect example of how reality television like The Bachelor franchise can help two people fall in love and stay in love. While Tanner and Jade both admit that making a relationship last sometimes takes work and effort, they are proving to the world they have what it takes.

Jade took time this week to reflect back on the special relationship she and Tanner share. Jade posted to Instagram a photo from when Tanner proposed to her on the final day of Bachelor in Paradise. Jade said, “It was risky. It was scary. There was a huge chance it wouldn’t work out, but that’s the point right? To take the leap of faith, to still believe in a great love no matter how damaged you’ve been from before. Thank you for loving me for me and showing me unconditional commitment, @tanner.tolbert. Can’t believe this beautiful day was two years ago! Happy 2 year engagement anniversary? Do married people still celebrate those? Whatever, I’m still dedicating this post to you! Love you!”

Two years later, Jade and Tanner are still going strong. Their admiration for one another is obvious to all who follow them on social media. They recently moved into their dream home near Kansas City and are preparing for the arrival of their daughter. Jade is 28 weeks pregnant and expecting their little miracle in September.

From a beach in Mexico being engaged, to saying I do, then on to building their dream home and now expecting their first child, Jade and Tanner are perfect for one another. While finding a successful lasting relationship can be challenging on Bachelor in Paradise, the Tolbert’s were not the only lucky couple to meet and fall in love in Mexico. Jade’s close friend, Carly Waddell, met Evan Bass on those same beaches and just a week ago returned to say I do to the love of her life. Jade and Tanner were there to help them celebrate their marriage.

While there was some speculation that Bachelor in Paradise was shut down for good after allegations of misconduct were brought up, the show is set to resume filming Season 4 this weekend. Jade took to Instagram to show her delight that other potential couples would have their shot at love in Paradise. Jade shared a photo of herself and Tanner kissing. Roper captioned the photo expressing her joy that BIP Season 4 would be happening. Jade said she was glad others would have the opportunity to find a real and rare love just like she and Tanner did. She also reminded them all they better be back in time for her baby shower.

While Bachelor inParadise films once again in Mexico, fans can continue following Rachel Lindsay on her journey as The Bachelorette, Monday nights on ABC.

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