Is Nicki Minaj On Safaree's Side In The Meek Mill Beef?

Nicki Minaj has yet to publicly give her opinion about the fight between her exes Safaree, Samuels and Meek Mill. But according to an article in Hollywood Life, there's a rumor the "Starships" rapper liked a comment on Instagram could give us a clue about who she's backing in this beef. The comment was critical of Meek Mill and supportive of Safaree Samuels.

Here's the comment that Nicki Minaj's official Instagram account allegedly liked, left by user bigreese29.

"Meek a whole h** 1. The n***a white clothes was clean 2 He aint wit Nikki no more 3. The n***a on paper work…..F***in shameful."

On Friday, video surfaced online of Meek Mill seemingly orchestrating a "jump" on Safarree outside of DJ Khaled's BET Awards party. The video, which was posted on TMZ, shows Meek pulling up to a curb where Safaree and some other people are hanging out. Meek exits the vehicle as a couple of men, who many claim are Meek Mill's "boys," attack Safaree who's seen frantically trying to get away in his all-white outfit. Samuels eventually gets away relatively unscathed, and Meek Mill never gets his hands dirty.

Safaree has since spoken out about the incident with BET.

"I understand your place of desperation and wanting acknowledgement from me," Samuels said in what sounds like a vague reference to Meek Mill. "One day, we can hug it out and we can shake hands, and we can be friends. Until then, you'll just have to watch me rise from where you are. I feel that is what is hurting some of these people's hearts."

[Warning: Video contains foul language]

As for Meek, he's denying that he was involved in the incident, even though there's video footage.

"Ain't no beef," Meek said of the incident to a cameraman from TMZ. "I'm a boss. I'm a don. I don't even fight. I don't even know how they got us confused with that type of stuff, man." What's more, when Safaree's name is first mentioned, Meek responds with a nonchalant, "who?"

Nicki Minaj is probably too concerned about her own beef with Remy Ma to pay attention to a dispute between her exes. As Hot New Hip Hop reports, Nicki seemed to reignite her feud with Remy with one of her verses on DJ Khaled's new album, Grateful. On "I Can't Even Lie," Nicki raps "keep your man off my Instagram, b**ch," which sounds like a direct reference to the report that Papoose "liked" a comment on one of Nicki's Instagram pictures.

Do you think that Nicki Minaj will ever publicly respond to the incident between Meek Mill and Safaree? Why do you think Meek's boys confronted Safaree? Let us know what you think in the comments below.


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