Elizabeth Warren Called Pocahontas: President Calls It 'An Insult To Pocahontas' - Racist, Say Others [Video]

President Donald Trump has once again called Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts "Pocahontas," as seen in the below video from Fox & Friends. Now Twitter is reacting to President Trump calling Warren "Pocahontas." Pocahontas was the daughter of a Native American chief, who is credited with saving the life of John Smith, who led Virginia colonists. According to history, Pocahontas saved John from being killed by her father, Powhatan, in 1607. After saving Smith's life, Pocahontas wed an English colonist, John Rolfe. Pocahontas then went on to England to pay a visit to the Court of King James I. However, the life of Pocahontas was soon cut short when she died of smallpox.

President Trump is coming under fire for once again using the name of Pocahontas as an insult about Senator Warren. Twitter is reacting to Mr. Trump once again pulling out the name Pocahontas that he used on the campaign trail to make fun of Warren, who claimed that she had a Native American heritage, as reported by the Hill.

Some people are defending President Trump for calling Warren the name Pocahontas once more, and asking if others can't take a joke. But detractors are claiming that President Trump is insulting Native Americans by insinuating that the name Pocahontas can be used to insult Warren. And still others claim that Warren lied about her heritage for personal gains, which they say should be the much larger insult. It seems a DNA blood test published by Warren might help quell the controversy on that end, but that hasn't stopped folks from saying that President Trump should not hurl the name of Pocahontas around at Warren.

The controversy rolls on in the comments section of Twitter posts like the following from Raw Story, with the publication joining other people on Twitter in calling Trump's nickname for Warren a racial slur.

Pocahontas Nickname Brought Up Again By President Trump

As seen in the above rendition of the Native American princess Pocahontas, who lived from 1595 to 1617, Pocahontas is dressed in European clothing but still holds an arrow, pointing to her heritage, circa 1612.
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