'Attack On Titan' Season 3: Premiere Confirmed For 2018, Longer 3rd Season Covering Two Sagas Predicted

Attack on Titan Season 3 is definitely happening, and the good news is that it's going arrive sooner than what most fans probably expected. This should come as a pleasant surprise to fans who waited for more than three years before Season 2 dropped early this year.

This time though, the wait for the Attack on Titan Season 3 premiere date is going to be a lot shorter. In a Twitter post by the series official account, it is now confirmed that the third season will arrive by 2018.

At the moment, no definite AoT Season 3 release date has been given. But certainly, the 2018 premiere announcement is welcome news considering hype generated by the recently concluded fast-paced, action-packed second season that had fans wanting for more.

And of course, the wait for the third season would not be complete without mentioning some those numerous Attack on Titan Season 3 spoilers and speculations. And if these exciting predictions should prove to be correct, fans better brace for a wilder ride next season.

For those who don't want their AoT Season 3 spoiled in the slightest, better leave now. What follows is a brief rundown of what could happen next season, which should be familiar to all manga readers.

As revealed by Comic Book, the third season of Attack on Titan will most likely feature the secrets of the Royal Family. An important character in the coming season will be Krista, who is already revealed to be Historia Reiss, the daughter of Rod Reiss.

Another possibility is that the connection between Levi and Mikasa will finally be explored in AoT Season 3. While the fact that the two are the only characters with Asian ancestry was never really explored in length, manga readers already know that the two came from the Ackerman clan known for being fierce warriors.

But an even greater revelation could happen in the coming season. In the anime series, the characters were led to believe that the only remaining human survivors are those inside the wall and that everyone outside the wall perished. If everything proceeds exactly like in the manga series, that belief will soon be shattered in the coming season.

Meanwhile, the Inquisitr previously reported on the possibility that the upcoming Attack on Titan Season 3 could cover two sagas of the manga series - the Uprising as well as the Return to Shiganshina. With this in mind, the upcoming season will definitely be longer than the 12-episode Season 2. Estimates vary, but the material contained in the two sagas is sufficient for a 25-episode third season.

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