Michelle Carter Conviction: Mother Of Conrad Roy Says 'She Has No Conscience,' Wants Law Passed For Conrad

Michelle Carter, who encouraged her boyfriend Conrad Roy III to kill himself, has been convicted of involuntary manslaughter. However, as Inquisitr previously reported, she is out on bond until her sentencing on August 3 and will face the maximum penalty of 20 years behind bars. She has been spotted enjoying her freedom by getting a tan and continuing her beauty routine as she laps up every moment of her last month as a free woman.

Conrad Roy III's mother recently spoke out about Michelle Carter and the trial to the Daily Mail following the conviction. Although Michelle Carter told Conrad Roy that his friends and family would "get over him" when she was encouraging him to commit suicide, his mother Lynn Roy says she will never get over it. Roy ultimately took his own life, at Michelle Carter's insistence, in a Kmart parking lot on July 12, 2014.

"'I would give up everything - I would be homeless, sleep in my car for the rest of my life, if I could just get him back," Michelle told The Daily Mail.

She went on to speculate about the mental state of her son's former girlfriend.

"'I don't want to say any more about her beyond that she doesn't have a conscience."
Michelle Carter hearing the verdict
Michelle Carter hears the guilty verdict [Image by Glenn C.Silva/Fairhaven Neighborhood News, Pool/AP Images]

Many are concerned that the United States free speech laws are going to be adversely affected by this conviction, and the ACLU has already stated that they are concerned with the youth of the state and what this may mean for them. They are now worried that any teenager who says something horrible to another teenager can now be convicted of a crime, and ones as serious as that which Michelle Carter has been convicted of.

However, Lynn Roy doesn't see things that way. She is hoping that she can help pass a law to ensure that something like this does not happen to other children in the future.

"I want a law in place that prevents this happening to any other mother and child. The ultimate goal is to have a law passed. It's not going to bring my son back but I would be honored if it would help other children," she told The Daily Mail.

Lynn Roy stated that she feels for Michelle Carter's family, as they must also be going through a tough time at the moment and it must have been rough for them to hear all of those "horrible things" said about their daughter.

Still, she does not feel like it in any way, shape or form, excuses the crime that occurred. Lynn Roy says her family is happy that Michelle Carter was convicted, but nothing can take the place of her son. She also stated that she wants to handle this situation with as much grace as humanly possible.

Michelle Carter breaks down as she receives the guilty verdict
Michelle Carter breaks down as she receives the guilty verdict [Image by Glenn C.Silva/Fairhaven Neighborhood News, Poo/AP Images]

[Featured Image by Glenn C.Silva/Fairhaven Neighborhood News, Pool/AP Images]