'War For The Planet Of The Apes' Will Have Sequels – 'This Story Is Caesar,' Says Producer

War For The Planet Of The Apes will not be the end of the Planet Of The Apes franchise. The producer of the upcoming installment, Peter Chernin revealed in a recent interview that the storyline is all about Caesar and after his arc, there might be new some new angles in the hopeful sequels.

After the success of the first two installments of the Planet Of The Apes series, it is now time for the third. Aptly named as the War for the Planet of the Apes, the third installment is going to be about the fight for existence between humans and apes. The third part will be a lot more exciting as one anticipates Caeser's rise as a leader, an evolution of the apes that surely could lead to a gory war even within the clans.

Andy Serkis has stated in the past that War For The Planet Of The Apes might not be the end of the franchise. The Planet of the Apes franchise might continue beyond the third part. Even Peter Chernin said in his recent interview that talks are going on for possible sequels for Ape movies since last six months. However, he added that the current trilogy has "specific group of characters" driving the story, which might not be possible in the upcoming sequels.

"From the moment we started this, we looked at this as one story, as one trilogy, and so we have never thought about doing [something as far-out as Escape from Planet of the Apes]. We've been thinking about what subsequent ape movies might look like, and we've been doing a lot of talking over the last six months about what others ape movies we might do. There may be things that are more radical."
Chernin further added that the trilogy would complete Caesar's arc. Caesar's birth, the medical experiments and his fight with himself and humans will be seen completing a full circle.
"Well, what I would say is that it is–and recognize this is a little bit hedging–meant to complete this Caesar arc. It was meant to complete a story that began when Caesar was born and a bunch of medical experiments was carried out on apes, and they became intelligent and violently intelligent. Inevitably, it was going to lead to this place, and Caesar's obviously the vehicle for telling that story. So, I think people will find this an incredibly satisfying finale. This story is Caesar."
The producer also praised the villainous character Colonel, saying that he will not be blind towards Caesar's leadership skills. The Colonel will be having a soft-spot and emotional attachment with the ape leader but his fight to get humans a place on Earth will add twists to the story.

Director Matt Reeves recently revealed that he wanted War For The Planet Of The Apes to be "like a Biblical epic." He said that along with his co-writer Mark Bomback, he watched classic war films to understand and be able to better picture the coming great war in the movie.

"Mark [Bomback, Reeves' co-writer] and I looked at classic war movies… I wanted it to feel very intimate in the foreground, but with grand vistas always dwarfing [the characters]. In a sense, it's about these two species pitted against each other and nature being greater than both of them. I wanted a David Lean ape movie."
The War For The Planet Of The Apes cast includes Andy Serkis as Caesar, Woody Harrelson as Colonel, Chad Rook as Boyle and Steve Zahn as Bad Ape. Karin Konoval is back to play Maurice, the orangutan with a gentle soul and Judy Greer is set to return as Cornelia, the wife of ape leader Caesar.

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