'Jurassic World 2' Co-Writer Colin Trevorrow Changed The Script's Ending For Lead Actors

Colin Trevorrow has recently revealed that even though he tried, he just could not stay away from Jurassic World 2. During the busy schedule with Star Wars Episode IX, Trevorrow managed to make some major changes in the script.

In a recent interview, Colin Trevorrow revealed that the Star Wars Episode IX and Jurassic World 2 scripts are done simultaneously by him. He really cares about the dinosaur franchise films and working alongside co-writer Derek Connolly and the new director J. A. Bayona. Trevorrow further added that he made some major changes in the script to make it more effective and to be able to retain the feel of Jurassic Park films.

"Jurassic ended up taking up more time and attention than I expected just because I care about it so much. I surprised myself by how much I wanted to be there for J.A. [Bayona], just as a writer. I remember directing a Jurassic Park movie and how much I would have loved to have a writer to think about the dailies and wonder what alterations we could make that would make it that much more effective. I was there with him every day to try and provide something for him that I didn't have myself.'
The major involvement changes made by Colin are also noted in the picture tweeted by actress Bryce Dallas Howard, who plays the lead character of Claire Dearing in the franchise. In the picture, Howard can be seen reading the final script of Jurassic World 2 that has lots of white, yellow, blue and pink pages.
According to Jurassic Outpost, cinematographer John Schwartzman had revealed that a lot of changes in the films are made. The yellow pages mean initial changes, blue pages of the script mean second big alterations and pink pages suggests final changes added to the Jurassic World 2 script.
"Every time a scene gets rewritten… you get what's called a Coloured Page… your first rewrite are yellow pages. Then there are blue pages… pink pages. Jurassic World is one colour… it is white… we shot Colin's script and we didn't change a thing…"
J. A. Bayona also agreed to Colin's support and called it "a more collaborative filmmaker experience" to get to work with Trevorrow, Steven Spielberg, and producer Frank Marshall. Bayona revealed that Jurassic World 2 is their baby and he had creative freedom to add plenty of himself in the film.
"It's their baby as much as it is mine. It's about sharing views and working together to bring the story to life. But, at the same time, the way I face telling a story is to find something very personal. I think there will be plenty of myself also in the film."
Shooting of the Jurassic World sequel is almost done, the team has moved from Pinewood Studios to Hawaii for final shots. Howard also revealed pictures of her shoes that she would be wearing in the upcoming sequel. Apparently, after much criticism, Claire Dearing's infamous heels will be left out from the Jurassic World 2.
The Jurassic World film was made with a budget of $150 million and earned $1.670 billion worldwide. The team is all set to reminisce the magic again. The film also has exciting new cast additions along with Chris Pratt and Howard reprising their roles. Toby Jones, Rafe Spall, Justice Smith, Daniella Pineda and Ted Levine will be joining the dinosaur world. Trevorrow also confirmed that the infamous T-Rex would be returning.
The sci-fi adventure sequel, which is now officially titled as Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, will be releasing on June 7, 2018 (UK) and June 22, 2018 (US). The movie will be very different from its first installment and is bringing old and new dinosaur angles to the story.

[Featured Image by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]