'The Bachelorette' Rachel Lindsay Getting Paid To Find 'Fake Hubby,' Claims Talk Show Host

Bachelorette star Rachel Lindsay is standing her ground after getting called out by Ramona Holloway, co-host of the WLNK's Matt and Ramona Show.

Last week, in a tweet directed at Rachel, Holloway referenced an article in the NY Daily News that stated that the Dallas attorney/reality TV star is "under pressure as the first black Bachelorette."

Ramona wasn't buying the "under pressure" line and tagged Rachel in a tweet that received an immediate response from the Bachelorette star. "#SuckItUp Rachel," the radio talk show co-host tweeted. "You're getting $ to dress up, travel & find a fake hubby on TV. The Bachelorette isn't exactly..."

Ramona stopped short in her tweet, but the rest of her thoughts played out on her blog, where she continued to demean Rachel and her intentions on the show. Here's how it all played out.

Rachel responded once but didn't engage further, stopping short of creating an all-out Twitter feud. She tweeted, "Talk to your co-host, Matt. Don't talk to me. He's the only one listening." The Bachelorette then added a little dig to the talk show host by using the hashtag, #whoisRamona.

Rachel's reply did not stop Ramona Holloway from voicing her opinion about the Bachelorette clear on the Matt and Ramona Show blog. The headline for the blog post reads, "Empowering Blacks and Women On The Bachelorette? Nah."

However, a closer look at the blog post reveals that she is calling ABC out more than Rachel. She states that she doesn't blame the Bachelorette star for "clapping back" at her tweet.

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The Bachelorette Season 13 [Image by ABC Television Network]

Ramona wrote that she "understands" why Rachel decided to "tweet a put down" in response to what was essentially a put down from Ramona. She goes on to say that Rachel tweets back at people who "call attention to what has happened to her."

If that sounds confusing, it's not. Ramona is simply bringing to light that ABC may have cast the worst bunch of guys in the history of the show. Of course, many fans will beg to differ, with contestants like Josiah, Peter, and Bryan getting high marks from Bachelor Nation.

However, the cast lineup also included several guys who appeared to be on the show for fame, not love, including "aspiring drummer" (Blake Elarbee) and the obnoxious "Whaboom" guy, Lucas Yancey.

Ramona not only noted that the cast selection was "classier" in previous seasons, she went on to call the network out for casting Lee Garrett, the self-proclaimed country boy who shut down his Twitter account after his racist tweets were publicized.

"Most of America can't identify with #TheStruggle of dating a dozen dudes on TV while visiting exotic locations and wearing fancy gowns.#TheStruggle for some of us has been watching Black men be portrayed so horribly... What they fail to realize is that when it comes to breaking ground for women and Blacks, this show isn't doing much for either group. The overt racism from Lee so far has been disturbing. You can't tell me the network knew nothing about him when they picked him to date a Black woman. No one in the casting department checked him out on Twitter?!? The guy's negative views about feminism, the NAACP and the Black Lives Matter movement are no secret."
Lee Garrett [Image by Craig Sjodin/ABC]

Point well taken about the Lee situation. But how much input did Rachel have when it comes to picking the 31 guys who were cast for her season? Probably little more than stating her preferences. And let's just assume that she didn't say she was looking for a guy who spews racist rants on Twitter.

Despite the extremely brief Twitter feud between Rachel and Ramona, the Bachelorette star claims that the guy she got engaged to when the final rose ceremony was filmed in May is the real deal. In a previous report by the Inquisitr, Rachel revealed how she made her final pick, stating that he "really loves her" and she can't "picture a day without him."

The Bachelorette airs on Monday nights at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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