Roman Reigns Invades Undertakers' Peaceful Retirement - A Hint To His Future?

Roman Reigns retired the Undertaker, or at least it looked that way at Wrestlemania 33 when the Undertaker left his wrestling garb in the middle of the ring, topped off with his iconic hat. Since he's retired he's been spending more time with his family. Michelle McCool, who is the Undertaker's wife, has been posting pictures of those peaceful times of retirement for her husband on social media.

The picture of the Undertaker at the beach with his young daughter went viral last week as his fans are still wondering if he will make retirement stick or come back in a blaze of glory. Many thought he looked quite content and wondered if his retirement really was a final goodbye for the iconic wrestler. It seems that the latest hint of the Undertaker's future wrestling thoughts has come out of a more recent picture posted online. It is a picture that shows what was on the family's TV this week.

The Undertaker and his family were enjoying some time together when the TV blared with loud boos. The Undertaker's 4-year-old daughter started shouting back at the TV as Roman Reigns appeared on the screen. The show was Monday Night RAW and apparently, it is still a show quite popular in the Undertaker's home.

Little Kaia joined in on the ruckus when she saw the fans booing Reigns. With the Undertaker often described as one of the most loved wrestlers of modern times, his fans are far from giving up on him never stepping foot in the ring again. Now that they know he hasn't turned his back on wrestling completely, after seeing Monday Night RAW playing on his TV in his wife's Instagram post, this gave his fans renewed hope.

The rumor of the Undertaker planning to return to the ring is still going strong and now more than ever with the knowledge of Monday Night Raw being part of the Undertaker's Monday night entertainment via TV. Now that fans know he can't get wrestling off his mind they are stoked more than ever for a possible return, as seen across social media sites.

That iconic hat that sat upon the pile of the Undertaker's belongings in the ring was a symbol of goodbye for the Undertaker, or at least that is what most of his fans and colleagues thought. When Michelle posted a picture of the Undertaker at the beach on Father's Day with his daughter Kaia, he had a hat on that looked like the one he left in the ring.

Pop Culture picked up on that hat and they suggest, the Undertaker is "wearing a hat that looks awfully similar to the one he left in the ring at WrestleMania 33."

Many people thought that the picture of the Undertaker at the beach was a sign that he's found his calling after the ring. Now some are seeing it as a hint that wrestling hasn't totally left his thoughts with that hat on his head, Pop Culture suggests.

When the beach picture first posted many took the picture to mean this is what the future looked like for the Undertaker. But that hat in the picture may have offered a subtle hint as to what he was really thinking.

Did he take that famous hat back after the lights went down and the crowd filtered out of Wrestlemania 33? According to Pop Culture, "the fact that he is still following the current product may be the most evidence we have toward his possible return."

[Featured Image by Paul A. Hebert/AP Images]