Lionel Richie Joining Katy Perry To Be One Of 'American Idol' 2017 Judges Depends On Ryan Seacrest

Lionel Richie's possibility of becoming one of the American Idol 2017 judges depends on another negotiation that the makers are apparently involved in at the moment. Ryan Seacrest's involvement in the singing reality show will apparently decide how the AI producers go ahead with the "Hello" singer.

It was earlier reported that Lionel Richie had a secret meeting with American Idol 2017 producers. There was enough indication to believe that the singer may soon be becoming one of the AI judges and join Katy Perry on the show.

However, the authorities are not interested in negotiating with Richie until they finalize the deal with Ryan. American Idol 2017 executives are still negotiating with the host. Even though he has reportedly agreed to join the show for a lofty sum, as much as $15 million, Seacrest wants to be credited as an executive producer. But, the executives are not interested in his condition.

Meanwhile, it is revealed that the makers like Richie and believe he would do well as one of the judges, TMZ reported. He could be a "nice judge" for the show.

Ryan Seacrest earlier said that American Idol 2017 would go through enough changes to make it more updated to suit the present time. Nevertheless, the basic format of the show will remain the same, as that is the strength of the show. Ryan believes the reboot is going to be "tremendously successful," Variety reported.

Lionel Richie may join American Idol 2017 as one of the judges.
Lionel Richie may join 'American Idol' 2017 as one of the judges. [Image by Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images for DuJour]

It was reported by the Inquisitr that American Idol had earlier been discontinued as the show failed to maintain the high cost involved in the production.

It was also reported that the show might not have enough budget to have any more stars after hiring Katy Perry and Ryan Seacrest, who were expected to charge big fees. The show execs are apparently more interested in having talented singers instead of having big stars as judges.

Katy Perry and Ryan Seacrest were expected to charge big fees.
Katy Perry and Ryan Seacrest were expected to charge big fees. [Image by Rich Fury/Getty Images]

Variety earlier reported that Rickey Minor would return to American Idol 2017 as a musical director. The veteran music producer was involved with the show for many years. He is also an acclaimed bass player who has performed with Christina Aguilera, Alicia Keys, and Beyonce.

The American Idol reboot is set to premiere on ABC in spring 2018.

[Featured Image by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for iHeartMedia]