'General Hospital' Spoilers: Is Kelly Monaco The Next Actor To Leave Port Charles?

General Hospital has seen countless actors come and go; however, several characters are already deeply engraved in the hearts of many fans that make their departure from the ABC soap opera hard to accept. A new report suggests that Kelly Monaco, who plays Sam Morgan in the series, will be the next one to leave Port Charles.

The latest buzz surrounding General Hospital revolves around Kelly Monaco, as the actress is reportedly the next GH cast member to leave the ABC soap opera. Per Celeb Dirty Laundry, the actress's character, Sam Morgan, is currently going through a difficult time on the show, and this may pave the way for the character's exit from Port Charles.

As seen on the latest episodes of General Hospital, Sam has been exhibiting several symptoms that may be indicative of a mental illness. There have been speculations that Sam's previous illness may have recurred, but signs are pointing towards a more serious disease.

Sam was recently diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder after suffering from the hands of Liv, which might explain why she is having symptoms such as hallucinations. However, General Hospital spoilers from the outlet note that Sam may be the next one to leave Port Charles - be it through death or going out of town to get herself cured.


Sam's other half, Jason, also seems to be quite busy with his own affairs, as he left her on her own. GH spoilers also reveal that actress Kelly Monaco has been elusive on social media despite the fans' expression of their concerns about her rumored departure.

Monaco simply thanked her fans for their support and expressed that she loves playing the role of Sam on General Hospital. This did not give fans the reassurance that they needed, especially since the ABC soap opera has been recently plagued by countless rumored cast departures.

Kelly Monaco poses for the camera
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Then again, Monaco's statement can simply be taken as it is. While Sam has been having hallucinations and visions on General Hospital, the things she sees may actually play an important role that may either save the life of a character or put him in danger.

General Hospital spoilers have been hinting on exciting weeks ahead, as Sam's visions will reportedly go out of control. Sam's visions will revolve around Sonny, and given their shared past, the former will warn Sonny about her visions. Going after Sam's advice, however, may put him in harm's way.

Do you think Kelly Monaco is exiting General Hospital?

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