Kate Who? 'Blood Princess' Beatrice Shined At Royal Ascot Week, Proving She Is A First Rate Royal

No longer in playing a supporting role in the grand royal family play, Princess Beatrice has proved to the world that she is as formidable in fashion, grace, and style as anyone, including her cousin William's popular wife, Kate Middleton. Attending the full week of Royal Ascot, the blood princess showed her style and grace. Although the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge only made one appearance at the popular event, Beatrice was there every day, looking fabulous and very royal. Are things truly looking up for the whimsical Bea?

Just a year ago, The Sun was quite harsh when writing about the fashion style of both blood princesses, Beatrice, and her younger sister, Eugenie. They found fault with everything the sisters wore.

"The posh duo have fallen foul to the curse of the frumpy formal wear – think crazy hats, ill-fitting frocks and bizarre coats."
They went on to remind readers that at William and Kate's 2011 wedding, the royal sisters became the "laughing stock of the fashion world" because of the crazy hats they wore.

Unlike most 28-year-olds, being a princess who wants to explore their personal style is very risky. Getting dressed up as a royal is really not that different from the fashion expectations of the first lady. What designer you wear, how your dress fits, if there is a wardrobe malfunction will all be in the headlines--especially if things go awry. Thus, experimenting can be quite risky, as any faux pas will make headlines.

This past week, the princess really got it right. Beatrice, who lives in both New York City and London, chose to mostly support British designers. When she attended with her mother, Sarah Ferguson, Beatrice wore a rose gold, woven dress designed by Claire Mischevani that fit her perfectly. Her matching rose gold hat was adorned with tan and orange feathers, which added a beautiful and elegant pop of color.

Princess Beatrice accompanied her grandmother, Queen Elizabeth, and father, Prince Andrew at Ascot, on Thursday. [Image By Chris Jackson/Getty Images]
Princess Beatrice accompanied her grandmother, Queen Elizabeth, and father Prince Andrew at Ascot on Thursday. [Image by Chris Jackson/Getty Images]

Earlier in the week, when she attended with her sister, grandmother Queen Elizabeth II, and father Prince Andrew, Beatrice delighted all with her attire, but especially with her adorable Katniss Everdeen side braid. All eyes were on Beatrice--for the right reasons!

But at the final day of Royal Ascot, Beatrice stole the show. She wore an edgy, yet elegant Amanda Wakely dress. Beatrice, who loves fit and flair dresses, looked sensational in the cream dress that dipped in front and back and had black mesh panel on the upper neck and sleeves. Beatrice added a belt with a splash of red and a few bangles, and she looked fashion forward. Her beret-style fascinator was simple and elegant. She looked good, and it appeared that she felt really good as well.

Princess Beatrice also attended Royal Ascot with her mother, Sarah Ferguson, for a mother-daughter day at the races. [Image by Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images]
Princess Beatrice also attended Royal Ascot with her mother, Sarah Ferguson, for a mother-daughter day at the races. [Image by Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images]

This has been a challenging year for Beatrice of York. A year ago, she split from her longtime boyfriend, Dave Clark, allegedly giving him a marriage ultimatum after a decade of dating. He was not ready to commit--to her at least. Instead, the Uber executive recently put an engagement ring on his new American girlfriend's finger. The Daily Mail reports a source claims that Beatrice is happy for Clark and his fiancée, Lynn Anderson. In fact, she would attend his wedding if asked.

Then, in November, Ed Sheeran claimed that a nasty cut on his face was due to a mock-knighting gone wrong. He told the press that Princess Beatrice had been the one responsible for the injury that nearly poked his eye. It was not until last month that James Blunt cleared up the good name of the princess and explained that Bea was not at fault, but instead, the Independent reported, a drunken Sheeran had done this to himself at a party at the home of the princess.

It should be noted that Beatrice, surely one of the most eligible women in the world, has not been dating anyone since she split with Clark. She has been focused on her career. Beatrice has been good-natured about any type of rumor and seems to shrug off any criticism of her fashion, personal life, or her work. She appears determined to do something spectacular!

Have you been keeping up with Princess Beatrice's fashion forward looks during Royal Ascot? What are your feelings about her evolving fashion style?

[Featured Image by Chris Jackson/Getty Images]