Arizona Is Scorching Hot And Things Are Melting — These Photos Prove It

You've heard of Raising Arizona, but a better title might be "Melting Arizona." Arizona is undergoing a scorching hot heatwave that is literally melting hundreds of everyday items. From street signs to garbage bags, it seems very little can withstand the record-breaking temperatures that have climbed to 120 degrees in certain areas. Not only are things melting, but the heatwave brings extreme danger. Homeless people are burning their feet, and there's growing backlash regarding a group of prisoners being held outside during the heatwave, according to reports by Democracy Now.

The stories of the extreme Arizona heat might be hard to believe, but fortunately for doubters, there are photos to back up the claims. Many of these photos were shared via Twitter and reveal everyday items that are often considered sturdy and durable melting like shrinky-dinks under the blazing Arizona sun. A mailbox is seen bending over by the frame, its metal twisted by the scorching sun.

Another photo shows a trashcan with a huge melted hole in its side. One photo showed a vehicle with a timer and a pan full of cookies as they baked on the car's dashboard. Another photo making the rounds and drawing disbelief from readers is a cactus plant that is wilting under the extreme heat. Those following the story on Twitter and other social media networks have expressed shock and amazement regarding the photos. Others have expressed the belief that climate change is behind the drastic heatwave.

AZ Central quickly reminded people about the dangers of extreme heatwaves and that they are deadly. According to the report, 130 people died due to heat in 2016, and they expect the dangerous temperatures to continue to rise over the next 50 to 100 years. Due to climate change, temperatures of 130 degrees or more could become the summer norm. Check out some of the shocking photos of things melting in the Arizona sun below.

It isn't just photos people are sharing, but many videos are surfacing where people are putting things in the sun to see how quickly they will melt. You may watch several videos about the Arizona heatwave and objects melting below.

What do you think about Arizona's sizzling summer? Do you think climate change is to blame?

[Featured Image by Andrii Zhezhera/Shutterstock]