'Breatharian' Woman From Brisbane Defends Lifestyle But Admits Some Food Is Still Important

"Breatharian" couple Camila Castillo and Akahi Ricardo stirred up some lively discussions on the net when various reports came out claiming that the couple ate only three times a week, opting to nourish themselves with the energy from the universe. Opinions vary on the issue with some claiming that it was just a hoax while others are concerned about the welfare of the couple's children and of the possibility that their claims could put other impressionable people at risk. Now, a 60-year-old "Breatharianism" practitioner based in Brisbane, Australia, defends the controversial diet, claiming that it is really possible to sustain one's body by harnessing energy from the universe, an energy that is also known as prana.

Ellen Greve, who also goes by the name Jasmuheen, is a 60-year-old Brisbane resident and claims to have devoted 45 years "researching alternate streams of nourishment," which includes Breatharianism, according to a Yahoo article. As Jasmuheen puts it, eating food is just one of the ways to nourish the body.

"We eat all the time! We eat more than most people, but we just do this differently."
Referring to the American "Breatharian" couple's revelation, Jasmuheen explains that thousands more have successfully done experiential research on the food-free lifestyle. Greve is also an author who published several books, including one titled Pranic Nourishment or Living on Light, which details her journey into the lifestyle, according to Daily Mail. However, even Jasmuheen agrees that taking some food is still important.
"If our infusion of energy is not deep enough and we don't take physical food, we will die."
It is the risks associated with the so-called food-free lifestyle that had nutritional experts worried, especially for people who take it to extremes. In a previous report by the Inquisitr, there have been reported Breatharian deaths in the past, which were usually the result of starvation.

In 2012, a Swiss woman in her 50s starved to death while on a spiritual journey when she refused to take food and water and relied only on sunlight for nourishment. The woman was inspired after watching a documentary featuring a man who claimed not to have eaten for 70 years.

Meanwhile, the American Breatharian couple Camila Castillo and Akahi Ricardo has already responded to numerous criticisms regarding their "dangerous" lifestyle. Previously, many were appalled when reports claim that Camila did not eat anything during her pregnancy.

In a statement, the Breatharian couple assured that Camila's nutritional requirements were met throughout her pregnancy. Contrary to previous reports, the couple ate solid food occasionally, although the majority of their physical nutritional needs were addressed by drinking liquids. However, the couple reiterates that their breathing exercise and consciousness practices addressed their "very real non-physical nourishment."

[Featured Image by Jasmuheen/Facebook]