Ellen DeGeneres Teaches Honesty To Audience Member Caught On Hidden Camera

An Ellen DeGeneres fan learned the hard way that it is best to be honest at all times -- well, probably more so if one is on the comedian's hit talk show.

In a recent episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, the talk show host taught an audience member the value of honesty even when no one seems to be watching. Known for pulling pranks on audiences and guests alike, Ellen confronted a woman who is caught stealing by taking more than her fair share.

Before the show started, members of the audience were instructed to get a free item from Ellen DeGeneres' gift shop. A sign was placed stating that each member of the audience may pick one item for being part of the show's Season 14 premiere week. However, it was specifically stated that only one item per person is allowed.

Of course, there were hidden cameras installed in the room. All of the audience followed the one-item-per-person rule except for one. The woman was caught on camera going to the table where the freebies were located three times and even replaced one item for a cap on her last visit.

TV personality Ellen DeGeneres, winner Favorite Daytime TV Host for 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show,' speaks onstage at the 2012 People's Choice Awards at Nokia Theatre L.A.
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During the show, Ellen DeGeneres revealed to the audience that they were being filmed the entire time. She thanked them for being honest despite nobody watching because they could have taken more than one thing.

"I just wanted to see how honest my audience was. It turns out you're very honest, very, very honest."
But of course, there was that lady who took more than her fair share. After watching the evidence, a funny, though slightly embarrassing, confrontation ensued.

To her defense, the woman told DeGeneres that she has a sister who could not come and that the extra item was for her. Of course, the quick-witted host had a perfect reply crafted within seconds.

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"Yeah, a lot of people's sisters couldn't come. I like that you liked the product so much that you wanted to bring one back for your sister."
It was all just for fun but Ellen insisted that the woman still needed to be punished. She had the woman "jailed," which is actually just a seat on stage facing the audience.

It's probably safe to conclude that the honest woman learned her lesson that day. Doing good for goodness' sake is a teaching as old as time itself, but, in the age of miniature cameras, it's probably the safer bet as well.

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