Charlie Sheen Still Waiting On A ‘Thank You’ From Lindsay Lohan

Charlie Sheen is still waiting on Lindsay Lohan to say “thank you” for approximately $100,000 the Anger Management star gave the broke actress who was in trouble with the IRS. Sheen reportedly sent Lohan, 26, enough money to cover almost half of her massive tax bill. The pair of movie stars became pals while filming Scary Movie 5.

Although Sheen noted he was happy to “pay if forward” he allegedly appeared a little irritated by Lindsay Lohan’s lack of appreciation for the more than generous influx of cash. The former Two and a Half Men star refused to identify the exact amount of money he gave Lindsay, but did sate that is was payment she was owed from another project.

During an interview with Entertainment Tonight the Sheen, 47, had this to say about giving aid to Lindsay Lohan:

“She got shorted and I found out, so I said, ‘Here.’ I’m still waiting for a text to say thank you. Anything, you know?”

The former Disney star supposedly refused to allow the filming of the final scenes for a home improvement series even though she reportedly already received $200,000 worth of renovations without charge. The big reveal moment Bravo’s Million Dollar Decorators wanted was never filmed.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Lohan’s bank accounts have been seized by the Internal Revenue Service. The seizure was reportedly part of an attempt to recover some of the outstanding tax debt the Mean Girls stars allegedly owes the government. The IRS filed liens against Lindsay Lohan in both 2009 and 2010. The governmental agency reportedly stated that she owes $233,904 in federal taxes.