Melania's Dad Is Back: Not Golfing With Donald Trump At Golf Club In Sterling, Virginia, Near Washington, D.C.

First Lady Melania Trump gets plenty of attention online when photographed, now Melania's dad is getting his fair share of attention as well. As reported by the Inquisitr, social media users have noticed how much Viktor Knavs looks like President Donald Trump. They've also noticed that just like President Trump, Viktor has been photographed not wearing a wedding ring. Now, Mr. Knavs has been photographed getting into a motorcade at the White House on Saturday, June 24.

According to the Associated Press description of the above, photo, Melania's dad joined President Trump in the motorcade, planning to travel from the White House in Washington, DC., to "the Trump National in Sterling, Virginia." Presumably, that means the so-dubbed "Trump National Golf Club Washington D.C.," as the Instagram location is geo-tagged on Instagram. That means that the Instagram location very well could have photos and videos of President Trump driving his golf cart across another green soon.

According to Google Maps, the Trump National Golf Club, located at 20391 Lowes Island Boulevard in Sterling, Virginia, is only a 42-minute or so drive away from the White House, and since Melania's parents are closer to their daughter and grandson these days, President Trump and his father-in-law might be spotted therein more often.

As seen in the above photo, Trump's motorcade was photographed arriving at the golf club, which is also sometimes listed in Potomac Falls, Virginia. According to the White House pool press report, President Trump was at the golf club for approximately three hours.
While some estimates place this as Mr. Trump's visit No. 28 to a golf course since becoming President Trump, others estimate that it is President Trump's 30th visit or later to a golf club.
Despite the assumption that Melania's dad might have been golfing with President Trump, according to the White House pool report, Mr. Trump was not playing golf, but the Trump National Golf Club was hosting an event for members.
As reported by the Hill, President Trump's golf club has a golf tournament occurring at the club on Saturday, as noted by the White House press pool report.
[Featured Image by Ron Sachs-Pool/Getty Images]