Restaurant Customers Allegedly Attack Owner, Daughter Over Cold Chicken Order [Disturbing Video]

A dispute over an order of chicken left a restaurant owner with a broken nose and her daughter with a black eye.

The violent encounter at the family owned takeout, which was captured on surveillance video (embedded below), occurred at the Qwik Chik restaurant in Baxley, Georgia.

According to owner Jeanette Norris, a couple complained about their chicken being cold. After a discussion with the couple, Norris agreed to give them a refund. Norris described the female customer as allegedly going “berserk,” however, and that she and her companion started beating on the windows of the restaurant. When Norris went outside to tell the couple that police were on their way, the female unleashed a flurry of punches and slaps, NBC4 in Columbus reported.

When Norris’ 15-year-old daughter came to her mom’s assistance, the male punched the teen in the face. The suspects left the scene before cops got there. “Who punches a child like she’s a grown man standing there? He needs putting under the jail,” Mrs. Norris asserted about the Thursday incident.

Authorities have issued warrants for the suspects, identified by WJCL-TV in Savannah as Nathaniel Smith and Latasha Smith, on charges of aggravated battery and cruelty to children.

They drove off in a tan Cadillac Escalade, WSB-TV in Atlanta noted, and are still at large, although Baxley Police have been flooded with tips about the suspects from local residents who say they recognize the couple.

“The camera surveillance footage that we put out tells it all, ” remarked Baxley Police Chief James Godfrey. “That’s just brutality,” he said about the assault.

The couple apparently were regular customers at Qwik Chik, although the owner suggested that they appeared agitated during recent visits.

Detectives have asked anyone who knows where they are to contact police headquarters. Given the publicity afforded the case in Georgia, presumably, the suspects will be apprehended shortly. Watch this space for updates.

In a related incident earlier this month, a woman described by a witness as “extremely hangry” climbed over the counter and brawled with a female McDonald’s manager. Apparently, the customer grew impatient while waiting for her McChicken sandwich. In another instance of alleged fast-food rage this month, a Florida man allegedly shot a McDonald’s manager in the neck after an argument over a frappe, the Orlando Sentinel reported.

Watch the footage of the couple attacking the owner and her daughter at the Georgia restaurant allegedly because of cold chicken.

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