Therapy Cat Who Helped Woman Grieve After Mother’s Death Can Reportedly Make Over $300 A Day As Pet Model

Moggie Starina, a popular therapy cat, made waves on social media as an emotional support pet for a grieving woman.

Nowadays, according to Mirror, the adorable cat is a pet model receiving offers from such brands as Vogue, Hendrick’s Gin, Thomas Cook and ASOS.

Sazsa Silvaz, Starina’s owner, first introduced the therapy cat into her and her mother Simmi’s lives three years ago shortly after her mother was diagnosed with terminal cancer. Even with the grim reality of the situation at hand, 34-year-old Sazsa felt that having such an adorable pet would comfort them both during that distressing time.

There was even an Instagram page created by Sazsa where she and her mother posted pictures of their therapy cat after dressing her up and putting her in fun poses. Even after her mother’s passing in 2015, Sazsa kept posting pictures and updating the Instagram page that they had built together – using the support and feedback received from Starina’s growing list of social media followers to help her grieving process.

Sazsa eventually took the steps necessary to officially register her therapy cat as an emotional support cat, allowing Starina to accompany her wherever she went as a standard service and support animal. What makes this particular registration unique is the fact that emotional support animals are not usually recognized within the UK where Sazsa lives. However, a note from her doctor led to an exception being made for her case.

“My doctor wrote me a letter saying I was suffering with stress and anxiety after losing Mama, and that I needed to have Starina with me… She travels in my handbag and everyone loves her.”

Apparently, the emotional impact and talent for uplifting the downhearted extended far beyond Sazsa and her mother. According to Silvas, people would frequently comment on how this amazing therapy cat made them smile. Sazsa admitted that hearing about how Starina helped others helped her as well.

in july 2014 we got the news that my best friend, my mamma simmi would be starting chemotherapy… knowing our life had suddenly changed dramatically we decided it was time for a new addition to the family and so *starina esperanza* also known as *chemo-cat* became a silvaz… since then my kitten has helped me care for my mamma and kept us sane thru the good and the heartbreaking… please forgive our lack of posts… on saturday morning we lost simmi and now we too are lost… ❤ saz #photooftheday #catoftheday #britishshorthair #kitten #kittensofinstagram #cat #catsofinstagram #catlover #ilovemycat #whitecat #oddeyes #oddeyescat #meow #catsrequest #meowbox #excellent_cats #topcatphoto #bestmeow #cat_features #instacat_meows #excellent_kittens #bns_cats #bestcats_oftheworld @cat.lounge #minikittyme #kalicosntm #mygreatcat #catsvscancer #igcatjunky #best_cats #my_loving_pet

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When it comes to how her therapy pet eventually embarked on her new journey as a professional pet model, that unexpected surprise came about during a visit to a local pet shop.

“I went into PetLondon, a shop for pets, and owners Melody and Adam, who also run PetLondon Models, spotted her and asked if they could sign her up as a pet model. I was thrilled. She has one blue and one green eye which is very striking.”

The therapy cat-turned-pet model did not have to wait very long before the offers mentioned above starting flooding in. According to the report, Starina the cat earns up to £300 a day. According to Google, that is $383.91 USD!

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Starina even has her own passport so she is able to travel around the world with her owner/patient/”manager” traveling right alongside her. Sazsa claims that Starina is a great model since, as a therapy pet, she was already skilled at walking on a leash and following commands.

However, she made it crystal clear that even with her fame and “fabulous life,” Sazsa still views her lovable therapy cat-turned-model as her own “guardian angel.”

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