Toy Story Land’s Opening Date At Disney’s Hollywood Studios Now Possibly Known

It is one of the most anticipated expansions in Walt Disney World history and fans still don’t know when to expect it, but they may have a better idea now.

Toy Story Land is currently under construction at Disney’s Hollywood Studios and the building of it all is going quite well and moving along rather nicely. Disney has revealed that an official opening date will be revealed next month at the D23 Expo in California, but it may have already leaked out.

There is no secret that the Star Wars-themed lands at both Walt Disney World and Disneyland are opening in 2019. Disney has confirmed that fact and it is possible that a more exact date will also be revealed at the D23 Expo in July.

Toy Story Land, though, has not had a date or month or even year as to when it will open. All guests want to know is when they’ll be able to shrink in size and play in Andy’s backyard and hop aboard the Slinky Dog Dash roller coaster to spring through the air.

Well, according to some info that has landed online, a possible opening date is now known.

[Image by Danny Cox]

While doing some searching around, Chip & Co. came across an interesting tidbit that may hint at when Toy Story Land will open its gates.

On the Touring Plans site, there is a full list of all attractions at Disney’s Hollywood Studios and their FastPass+ importance. While looking through the list of attractions, the site actually has the brand new Slinky Dog Dash coaster, which will be the main ride in Toy Story Land, but it isn’t even complete yet.

Still, the site has it listed with a small caption that states, “Opens July 1, 2018.”

Now, this is not confirmed by Disney at all, but it is interesting to see a possible date in place and it works with rumors that have been flying around. It’s just strange that there is no listing for the Alien Swirling Saucers which is the other new attraction coming to Toy Story Land.

toy story land disney's hollywood studios walt world opening date
[Image by Danny Cox]

Again, Disney has not confirmed an opening date for Toy Story Land or any of the new attractions that will be in it. The official opening date will be revealed next month, but July 2018 is right on par with what the Disney-sphere of fans has been whispering for months.

2021 will mark the 50th anniversary of the Walt Disney World Resort and a huge year-long celebration is expected to happen. If both Toy Story Land and the Star Wars-themed Land are open by that time, it will only add to how far the parks have come in the last half century.

Toy Story Land is going to be absolutely huge at Disney’s Hollywood Studios and it will be Florida’s way of competing with Cars Land at Disney California Adventure. The Slinky Dog Coaster and the rest of the new land could open in July of 2018, but we still have to wait on the mouse himself to give the final word on when we can all play with our toys.

[Featured Image by Danny Cox]