Jessa Duggar Talks ‘Fixer Upper’ At Ohio Modesty Event

Jessa Duggar Seewald spoke at an event in Ohio on Saturday where she drew some interesting parallels to convey her ideas on modest living and dressing.

The mother-of-two was speaking to a ladies-only audience on leading a Christian life when she discussed her ideas on modest dressing. A wardrobe with modest clothes is not enough to save souls, she said. Faith in Jesus Christ is the key to salvation, Mrs. Seewald informed the gathering. Her criticism of legalism can raise eyebrows given that the Duggars are known adherents of values that many consider extremely conservative.

“Legalism can bind consciousness of younger who are immature believers in following us, instead of being led by Christ,” Jessa said.

“Legalism can become a mat for an unchanged heart.”

The Ohio event comes months after Jinger Duggar started sporting pants and shorts. Jinger’s post-marital wardrobe choices was a welcome change for many but some fans felt Mrs. Vuolo needed to return to modest ways of her parents. It also led to questions about how Jessa Duggar would explain her sister’s choices before a gathering. While Jessa may not have discussed Jinger during the talk, she attributed greater importance to godly faith than appearance.

“Dressing in modest, self-controlled, respectable way is a good thing but it won’t save you souls. Modesty is a standard we are called to. But modesty means nothing if our heart isn’t right.”

At one point, Jessa gets into details about outward appearances and lack of faith by drawing a biblical parallel, even as she mentions the popular HGTV show in the same breath.

“They got this tube and dead person on the inside. They got a really nice coat of paint, you know if you have been watching Fixer Upper, everything that goes on rear piers, the in thing, they take this for rear pier and they paint the outside. It looks really great on the outside but Jesus said inwardly you are full of dead men’s bones.”

The Duggar household shuns television, despite being one of the nation’s most popular families on the small screen. Jessa, however, has revealed in the past that she watches Chip and Joanna Gaines show, according to People. The Duggar girls visited the Gaines’s Magnolia Market in Texas earlier this year. Incidentally, Jinger Duggar made headlines during the visit by wearing pants.

Subsequently, the Duggar sisters, mainly Jessa, received flak for being bound to Duggar norms despite being married when marriage arguably “freed” one of the sisters. The fan comparisons did not stop there. Since Jinger had not announced a pregnancy soon after her wedding, critics and many fans questioned Jill and Jessa’s decisions to become pregnant within a year of their weddings. It is yet to be ascertained if Jessa discussed Jinger’s choices with excited fans during the event.

Jessa Duggar’s Ohio talk also comes on the heels of another speaking engagement her husband Ben Seewald attended in Texas. The Counting On couple had interacted with fans then, and one of them shared Ben’s talk in a Facebook post while claiming that Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar’s daughter plans to have a family as large as that of her parents!

[Featured Image by Duggar Family Official/Facebook]