UFO News: NASA's Mars Rover Photographs Strange Crystal Clear Object, UFO Or Simple Debris?

Simon Alvarez

UFO sightings are pretty common on Earth, with numerous incidents being reported worldwide practically on a daily basis. On Mars, however, things are a little bit different. While alleged UFO sightings on the Red Planet have been reported and debunked in the past, a relatively recent image captured by the Mars Rover has managed to get UFO enthusiasts extremely excited, as the photograph depicted what appeared to be a softly-landed spacecraft on the planet's surface.

The image in itself could be viewed here, from NASA's official website for the Mars mission. The photograph, which has a time stamp of March 17, 2017 8:41:15 UTC, shows the barren landscape of the Red Planet with the occasional rock and ripples in the sand. Right at the middle of the image, however, lies a strange object that is undeniably artificial. The surface of the mysterious craft is distinctly metal, and its shape is strangely cylindrical. Overall, the image looks like a prototypical UFO.

Unsurprisingly, the Mars Rover image has managed to get numerous UFO enthusiasts extremely excited. After all, the Mars Rover is equipped with powerful, high-resolution lenses. Thus, the image is crystal clear, unlike conventional UFO photographs that feature low-resolution images and a ton of noise.

The photograph has become the subject of discussion among UFO enthusiasts in online forums such as Reddit, with some users suggesting that the strange object in the image could be part of the debris from the Mars rover itself. Some have even stated that the object might be the bottom heat shield of the Rover, which was jettisoned during entry to the Red Planet.

This particular explanation does make sense, considering that the Mars missions that NASA has been sending to the Red Planet do, in numerous cases, jettisoned parts of the spacecraft to the planet's surface during entry. Other parts of the mission's debris have been photographed by the Rover over the years, as well, such as these images featuring parts of the spacecraft that crashed on the planet's surface.

While the strange object could very well be debris from the Mars Rover itself, there are several aspects of the picture that do not really line up with common space debris images. For one, the recently captured image shows what appears to be an object that softly landed on Mars' surface. The image does not show any indication that the object has moved either. Apart from this, the object in the image looks very much intact, which is quite rare among space debris.

Overall, the recently captured image does spark interest. Its appearance, if any, is distinctly UFO-like. NASA has, so far, not released any statement about the strange object captured in the Rover's photograph. For now, at least, the mysterious Mars UFO would remain unknown.