Permits Filed For Possible Huge ‘Ratatouille’ Ride In France Pavilion At Epcot

It has been rumored for quite a long time now, and it finally appears as if Disney is moving forward with huge progress at Epcot and that especially means in the France pavilion. Permits have now been filed by Walt Disney World to do a great deal work in the back of Epcot and it looks as if the long-rumored Ratatouille attraction stateside.

There has been no secret that Epcot needed to have some work done and in November, Bob Chapek, chairman of Disney Parks and Resorts, said it was going to happen. There is going to be a “major transformation” at Epcot and there will be much more “character” brought into the park, but other than that, no real details have been given.

Well, that is, until now.

As reported by My News 13, the permits filed by Disney show that there would be a major amount of work done to the back of the France pavilion and next to Morocco. This brings about more possibility that the rumored Ratatouille attraction, which is very popular in Disneyland Paris, will make its way to Walt Disney World.

In case you wanted to see specifics, the permits filed for Epcot are online and the rumors make sense.

The permits filed show that not only would the Ratatouille attraction fit in behind the France pavilion and empty space between France and Morocco, but most of the current locations would remain untouched. For now, it seems as if the majority of what would be affected will be backstage areas and buildings.

Now, if Disney goes through with a complete re-theming of the France pavilion, they could turn Chefs De’ France into a Ratatouille-themed restaurant. That would make sense to go along with the attraction if the dining location turned into Gasteau’s or even Remy’s.

france pavilion permits ratatouille ride walt disney world
[Image by The Walt Disney Company]

As reported by WDWNT, the rumored Ratatouille attraction will be the same as or very similar to the trackless Ratatouille: The Adventure ride from Disneyland Paris.

Of course, there is no confirmation from Disney as of yet on any of this, but the permits are there for everyone to see. Those cannot be hidden from sight as they are for public viewing and the details are very obvious, but then again, anything is possible to happen or change until an official announcement is made.

The D23 Expo is happening in just a few weeks in California and Disney is expected to make a ton of huge announcements regarding their theme parks, movies, and more. With these permits filed now for the France pavilion at Epcot, it does seem as if there is some confirmation leaning the way of the Ratatouille attraction. For now, all must be taken as speculation or rumor, but it does look as if Remy and his friends are heading to Walt Disney World.

[Featured Image by Disney*Pixar]